Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I always feel better when everyone has a bow

ya know? what is there to say after all the recent drama around here?

the kids made it on time today, WITH FABULOUS HAIR and everyone (meaning all 3 girls) had a bow. i always feel better when everyone has a bow. I'm not quite sure how the on time thing even worked out today. but i guess i'm back on my game (as much as i ever am)


I went to Bunko last night and won with the second lowest score. it was THRILLING!

dinner was delightful with the CUTEST pumpkin bread bowls ever! fun chatting, late night. what's not to love about that?

for dessert we had Marie Callendar's Pie. did you know it's cheap pie month. any whole Pie for $6.99 plus tin. of course limits and exclusions may apply.

we had cheap Pie for Liberty's birthday on Sunday too. gotta love cheap pie month.


i'm kinda sick of the medical talk.

everything is fine. (if you ask me) even if i'm taking pain meds.

I'm good. i'm so over it.

the bruises are fading, and the flowers are dying.

time to move on.

(i'm sure you are glad)

ya know until Friday's delight! remember when i kept that a secret? those were the days for sure.


well hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

I have questions...

what is your favorite kinds of Pie?

do your girlies wear hairbows? ribbons tied on? hair flowers? anything?

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Cara said...

I'm the 1st to comment! yahoo♥
I love apple pie - warm.
I also love lemon supreme pie - cold
Cassidy went to school today with a princess bun and a flower with feathers and bling in her hair. Abby just had a clip but her hair was flipped up and it looked so cute♥
Glad you are feeling better. Sad I missed it last night (I couldn't sub) I love you girls and just cant get enough of your fun-ness!

Devri said...

pumkin pie, peach pie warm.

And Yes, all 5 girls wear bows, hats, and all!

Taralyn said...

My youngest likes clips and bows the teenagers like the one flower on the side - SOOOO original and CHIC ya know..

As for Pie - I love my mothers blackberry (grew up in Eugene Oregon, blackberries galore) and there is nothing like a Great Pecan pie - however there is nothing WORSE than a BAD Pecan Pie :)

Hope you are feeling better!!! Your blog makes me smile - Thank You for that!!

Serendipity said...

you know I am "flower obessive".....with my girls.......but let me just say that I completely agree with your post. I always feel better when both my girls have a their flowers in their hair...and necklaces on. ....and nails painted.whew, it is a lot of work.
LOVE PIE...........thanks for the info I am positive i will be at Marie Calenders by noon.

CassiB said...

key lime, chocolate pudding, pumkin, no mushy fruit pies please, just creamy dreamy pies.
my girls do wear hair bows occasionally, or clips ponies whatev. but right now they are all in a bit of a tomboy thing. i used to be more of a hair do mom. littlest tiny ponies that connect to other ponies and flip and knot and braid type stuff. not so much any more. but the youngest had ponies from 6wks on and the oldest maybe 3mo. middle girlie had not so much hair till she was one. i guess we do more tied on ribbons than bows.

Scrappy Girl said...

My fave kind of pie...hmmm...I love apple pie!

My 2 little ones have a "hairbow drawer" and it is filled with goodies...we {heart} Gymboree so we have loads of awesome hair treats that exactly match outfits. Weird thing is though, I have sold some of their old outfits, but I couldn't bear to part with the matching hairbow.

Our oldest, Manga Dork, loves to wear flowers and feathers...she is an accessory whore. We live out in the country and no one really accessorizes at her school. They teased her the other day and said, "Just how many necklaces and bracelets do you own?!" She just smiles and piles them on again the next day!

andrea said...

I have all sorts of good intentions for cute bows, but no too much follow-through. Darn it. Someday I'll regret it because it will be too late. Especially because what am I going to do with the yards of ribbon downstairs just waiting to be attached to clips?!

I need a pie. I wish Marie Callendar's was closer.....although...I think there's one up in SLC near the zoo where I will be going for a field trip on Friday....I wonder if I could sneak away really quick and get a pie. That wouldn't be very responsible though, since I'll be chaperoning kids other than just my own....double darn it!

Belle said...

If I had a girls, even just one, they would wear a bow 24-7! For sure!!

tammy said...

I'm not much of a pie person. Give me cheesecake, cobbler, or brownies instead.

I'm thinking of putting bows in Harley's hair. He looks like a girl.

tammy said...

Correction - I will do fresh peach pie. Yummy.

Andrea said...

Your girls looked super cute with their pretty bows yesterday! I was kinda surprised to see you picking up the kids after hip-hop class. Guess you're feeling ok for now.

Mmm I like pie! Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon Meringue, CHOCOLATE, Pumpkin, etc etc!!! Oohh I think I had a chocolate peanut butter pie once. Mmmmm so good!!!

Sounds like a delightful bunko evening for you!!!

Laura said...

I actually like reading about your drama. It's all real and its not the least bit bothersome. Of course I do want you to feel better and wish you weren't dealing with it but full disclosure it good for all. You never know who is reading and can relate or who it helps.

I am pretty obsessed with done hair and bows/flowers, but I know you already know that!

Rest up and be okay with not being 100% (that's the hard part).

sherry said...

You know I am a fan of flowers. Because they are easier than bows to make. And i am not as talented as you. In fact today I was asleep (wierd post op sleep schedule)and husband got the girls ready and out the door. And I am wondering if they have flowers in their hair. And does the baby's bow match her outfit. Now I am worried. I will have to call my sister and check...

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