Thursday, October 8, 2009

When the pirates go hunting for the white whale.

`Just today I'd decided i wasn't going to post anymore about my recent medical drama but you know, i can't resist. i really don't have anything more exciting going on.

I went to pick up my "prep" pills tonight and those CRAPPY pills cost me $50 bucks, holy shiz! that's $50 bucks down the toilet for sure. (pun totally intended) ;)

i so wanted to make that my FB status earlier. but resisted.i figured no need to flaunt the delights of the impending colonoscopy.

did you get it though? colonoscopy prep down the toilet?

hee hee! it's funny, did you laugh?

seriously i thought it was pretty good.

Apparently loads of people have had a colonoscopy for some reason or another but NOBODY talks about it. everyone seems to be really shy about having that procedure done.

or maybe no one is as whiny/free with the info as me....hmmmm? perhaps people just don't announce doing their business to the world??

I still need to bling up my eye patch, to wear for the pillaging.

I have homework or i'd be doing that exciting craft tonight, ya know, to get me excited for my showdown with the butt pirates . ;)

can you imagine the conversation in pirate talk?

"ARRRR Captn' , thar she blows, we be spottin' a white whale off the port bow. get the harpoon!"

so not appropriate.

could you just imagine what might be said while under the influence of those meds? seriously i hope they knock me out. or it might be scary.


well i think i'm gonna get crackin' on my research proposal. it was due last week, but i wasn't there. huh, imagine that.

and yes i'm going to school tomorrow on my clear liquid pre colonoscopy diet. YEE HAW!

So yeah, that's where I'm at.

i know you are so jealous of my truly delightful life.

i figure Katie Couric raised awareness, by tastefully getting her stuff checked out .

I can raise awareness crazymama style . (crudely but with a funny twist)

Early detection is never a bad idea.

while making fun of a crappy situation, is always a good time!

hope you have a thrilling Thursday.

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CassiB said...

i tried to find you a fuchsia pirate hat to wear but no luck. i did find a really cute little girls pirate costume that is fuchsia and year we be pirates!
hope all your shiz comes out ok.

Scrappy Girl said...

Did you ever reward yourself?

After tomorrow you will SO deserve it! Have fun!

elle said...

My mom got that done acouple months ago. SO not cool. They give you a REALLY good seditive, and it made her really sick. And the prep? Totally sucky. She had to drink this "stuff", like a gallon of it. Needless to say, she ain't looking forward to the next one...

Vidal's Nest said...

I had one last year. The prep the night before is the worst part of it.
Funny story I was waiting to be wheeled into the room for the procedure I was in a waiting room in bed feeling nervous. There was a elderly lady in the bed next to me. When they came to get her for her colonoscopy the dr asked if the husband had any questions for him. The husband said no but I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you find her head while you are looking there!
Nice old man saying his wife's head is up her ass! I laughed my butt off!
Good luck!

Melissa said...

Ah yes, humor to get through a hard time...yeah, I know how that works.

Hope everything works out...haha!!

Andrea said...

I think we need to find humor in almost everything! How else would we survive our challenges or just day-to-day stuff?!!!

wooohoooo!! go liquid diet! heee hee Seriously though, hope it's not nearly as bad as you're expecting it to be and everything turns out well!♥

mom2three said...

oh that doesn't sound like something to look forward too. I wish you lots of luck I have heard they knock ya out a bit so the procedure itself isn't bad at all.

crystal said...

Your repeated use of the word "colonoscopy" made me think of The Office last week. Didja see it. heh, heh.

Piper said...

hahahaha! way to go, matey!

Janeen Romney said...

You will have to tell us exactly how "delightful" the whole procedure is when it's over!

Stacy said...

I just love your sense of humor! You'll get through this all right, don't worry. The worst part is the prep. Shiver me timbers! I had to use Desitin 'cause me crack got so chapped from wipin'! AArrr me hearty! You'll ne're be a lily-livered lass when they be stickin' the olde bilge-suckin' spyglass up yer booty or we be makin' em' swab the poop deck! Fair winds! Yo-ho-ho!

Ruthie Girl said...

spread the word any way you can.

I am not embarrassed that I got a colonscopy, but the topic doesn't come up too often. You know, "stuck anything good up your butt lately?"

Good luck.

Scrappy Girl said...

Thinking of you...hope everything went ok today! Cutie had a speech evaluation today and thought of you when we left the office and my first thoughts were...I'm gonna take her out to eat and to pick out a special toy! LOL! Told ya I do that!

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