Friday, October 9, 2009

why yes this is a pirate shirt...

for those that were wondering...i survived.

i wore my blingy pirate shirt

i was gratified to know the nurses both got the joke before i had to strip down and put on the fanny flasher.

seriously. those gowns are so not my speed.

then came the fun.

a meet and great with the Dr. and then

just gimme some drugs please and thank you.

but apparently i kept needing more. lucky me. i warned them it didn't work so well on me but they learned the hard way. apparently i "fought it" . rad.

they found 2 small polyps and removed them. (i have pictures but I'll spare you)

I'll get pathology results next Friday when i go in to discuss this good time , the liver biopsy results (which are in) and my adventure with pancreatitis.

so there we are. glad that crap is over.

i slept all day , the extra meds they had to give me to keep me sedated, tuckered me out.

and now I'm going out on a hot date.

yeah. i am.

in my pirate shirt.

i wear it like a badge of honor silently announcing that i battled the pirates and lived to tell the tale.

the prep was not delightful. i even puked huge amounts of clear fluids and noticed 2 pills hit me in my teeth on the way out. but i wouldn't say it was the worst thing I've ever done.

which is good because i have to do this good time again in 3-5 years.

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My Family said...

Love the shirt!!! I am glad today is over for you, I am not looking forward to that someday but I know it's something I must do. I hope all is well next week and that you are able to relax this coming week. Have fun on your HOT date!!!!

tammy said...

I'm glad you survived. I'm counting on you to talk me through it if/when I do it. Love the pirate shirt. Hope you have a fun date night!

CassiB said...

the shirt is perfect!! glad you made it through today. i hope everything ends up all right.

mom2three said...

Love the shirt!!! I am glad to hear it wasn't so terrible and that the procedure is over.
You are an amazingly crazy women, for all that you have going on you still manage to find time to have fun for yourself, you are seriously a very rad person! ;)

Andrea said...

YAY you survived!!!! I ♥ your pirate shirt!!! At least you got to sleep away the rest of the day so you can be wide awake for your hot date!! HAVE FUN!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

I love your sense of humor...hope all the results are good!

Piper said...

Laughter really is the best medicine! Glad they got the joke. You are greatly loved girl!!

andrea said...

Glad it's over, and that shirt is the funniest thing I've ever seen!

Mariah said...

Always gotta go wit the Blingies! Bling is a sign of TOTAL fashion! You go girl! I think i might buy me self one of 'dose!lmbo!

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