Saturday, December 26, 2009

The cycle.

so my house has cycled through clean and dirty modes for the holiday.

it was cluttered (Dirty).

so i cleaned and tidied.clean.

santa came. clean but crowded.

the kids woke up. Clean.

we opened gifts, (we clean while we open, no paper is freely thrown on the floor here)but still Dirty.

i cleaned between gift opening and noon. Clean.

we partied. Dirty.

we cleaned up afterward. clean.

we came home from christmas part 2. DIRTY!

the kids entertained themselves this morning. DIRTIER!

we tidied again and threw away boxes again. clean.

i came home from shopping to DIRTY.

ah. it's a definite cycle.

I'm not cleaning up again before my date. just to have it dirty when i get home.

and then of course the undecorating makes it dirty again before it is clean.

I'm in new years mode now, and i have bunko at my house next Friday night. I'm not stressing about it this time. (not yet anyway)

i braved the crowds and did some shopping. for bunko.

as much as i love a sale and shopping i do not especially love day after Christmas sales. probably because i'm always broke BEFORE Christmas. ;)

So how does your house cycle ?

day after christmas sales? love them or not?

are you broke before/after christmas? or not?

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tammy said...

Love after Christmas sales. I usually get a GC though, for my b-day and/or Christmas so I'm not actually spending my own money.

Can't wait to see what you found at my favorite store! And bunko? Don't stress.

sherry said...

SHoot! I need to get my booty out and do the after christmas sale thing! I am probably too late by now, dangit! Glad you reshceduled bunko.

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