Sunday, December 27, 2009

the Magic of Screaming -christmas picture overload.

Since i started blogging and became picture obsessed, I've made the kids pose by the tree on christmas eve. This year somebody couldn't pose nicely if his life depended on it, and TRUST ME, by the end, it did.







Pierce thought this was the perfect opportunity to knock some people in the head.

i think we have a ball player on our hands. or is that a bully?


CHEESE! or cackle . this was a little too strained so we tried again.


much better right?


By this point i was SCREAMING at them, and gave up, sending them all to bed with the threat that Santa wouldn't be coming if i saw them again. bah humbug.

i found the magic of Christmas though eventually.

Joy said it's wearing your Pj's all day.including the new sleep mask just like she gave her sisters.

remember her gift hint about giving them something for sleeping? it was a glam sleep mask, all diva's need one. plus we shop for siblings at the dollar store (we have to be creative) but Joy has been wanting a sleep mask for some time now, and i firmly believe and teach my kids the best gift to give is one you'd love to receive.


Hope wore hers sleep mask all day well into the evening and was near tears when she thought she lost it in the dress up room at grandma's . it's more like a forehead warmer when you wear it like this.


Liberty found her magic drawing with her new Project runway art set.


Pierce found the Magic skateboarding out front. he put his shirt on all by himself over his PJ's.

he was darling this year, loving opening gifts, happy for others and not screaming to have everyone else's stuff.


Peyton thought it was pretty magical when the neighbor boy who only got clothes and 1 video game was impressed with all of Peyton's loot. including a huge R/C car, DS lite, and skateboard and helmet, Video games and a basketball. plus pj's, clothes, candy and a zhu zhu pet.


The boys all got skateboards and had fun skate boarding in the house.


I found the magic when everything was done by 2:30 am, it was either magic or an exhausted stupor but i felt at peace.


and here is the tree post tip over with the flash, so everything is tweaked but whatever.
i can't wait to take it all down. sounds like a perfect Sunday activity.


so it's your turn. show me your pictures. posed? candid?

am i the only one screaming/pleading to just sit nicely so it will be over faster?

did you find the magic? where?

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andrea said...

Fun day....I'm especially jealous of the one with the sun streaming in the window and the beautiful green grass outside. I am sure we didn't get out of the 20's that day. Our kids didn't go outside and play on anything...oh wait, I lie, daddy took Nicole and Jared to try out their new sleds on the icy sledding hill o' death. We need a new layer of snow to soften things up a bit!

Once again, I took a few pictures at the very beginning of Christmas morning, and then didn't pick up the camera again! Too much going on. I regret it every year! Oh well. :)

Audrey said...

I finally remembered to take pictures on Christmas eve in their new pj's this year. I figure if I can get one with all of them looking hafeway normal and maybe in my direction i am pleased. I took over 60 the Sunday before Christmas in their Christmas dresses and I think only 4 are "normal" Oh well. It's the thought that counts right? And the memories! ;)

mom2three said...

Merry Christmas!!! Yeah to go back to normalcy!!! I too can't wait to declutter the it weird that its almost my favorite part???
I posted some pictures on my blog! I got a few good ones this year.
Your tree looks awesome...I see a theme there!!!
I did find the magic this year and just in time too ;)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Cute pictures. We got Emma that poject runway thing also she's been in heaven! :)

jayna said...

yeah, no magic for me. (but no kids either). christmas was just a great, relaxing day... spent in my cream velour lounge wear, eating zucchini bread and sugar cookies. no pictures for me... heck, we didn't even have a tree up. ;)


Deanna said...

Cute blog, adorable kids, lovely Christmas tree...I like it!
The pictures are sweet - I especially like the one with the lights shining through the curly hair! ;-)

(Found your blog while searching for other crazy moms.)

Andrea said...

awww I love the fabulous matching jammies!!! I want those! I need to find some new ones for the kiddos for next Christmas! I love the *glowy* pic of ur gorgeous tree!

U guys were DONE by 2:30am???
Nathaniel woke up around 4am, but we didn't get out of bed til 7 or 8. Can't remember now. I know. We are totally mean. LOL

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas & all the munchkins were thrilled with their gifts!

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