Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Procrastinate no more.

To finish off my December blog posts, i'm posting the pics i'd taken but haven't gotten around to posting yet. I admit I've been procrastinating posting them.

included are pictures of The tackiest light display we found this season. an example of a "stringer" , Girls night out with my ladies from High school, and cookie decorating.

Early in the month i went to a dinner out with my ladies and some besties from high school.
Jayna came into town from Utah and we had some good quality chatting time .

Lindsey, Me, Ashley, Jen, Jayna, and Becky.

here is a pic of the the best/tackiest house we found this year looking at Christmas lights.

i showed my sister one night and she said "wow, now that IS a Winter wonderland"
i cackled.

it was remarkably well done considering the sheer amount of crap in this yard and on the house. i was only slightly blind after driving by each time. and i wonder what their electric bill is this month? Yowza.

My favorite thing to look for while driving around looking at lights is a "Stringer". (loudly announced like Squirrel in UP)

the definition of a stringer: when the lights string from the house to a tree or bush.

here is an example of a stringer. the best stringers are stretched across 5 feet or more. or finding multiple stringers on 1 house. I confess i get spastic over it.

not to be confused with a dangler which is when the lights dangle lit but are hanging in blank space.

Finally here are the sugar cookies i baked with 10 kids roaming free here, and decorating them. with my sisters kids.

the kids were stoked and the neighbor boy said it was the best cookie dough he'd ever had.

So the other day it occurred to me that maybe people are tired of reading just about me. and my life (or the portion i share here anyway, because yes, there is more i don't divulge, shocking I know.)

is that possible? probably . of course that's possible.

I mean nothing super spectacular or delightful has happened here in a long time.

maybe I'm out of things to blog about.

or maybe i need some new fabulous ideas.

otherwise. I'm starting to stress that the hubs job ends on Thursday.

I bumped bunko back until the 8th.

I'm feeling better. but not awesome yet.

so is there anything you want to hear about?

something you've wondered?

any great ideas?

share them.

or maybe just tell me you love my blog the way it is?

or do you find it incredibly boring ?

Tuesdays plan? a long overdue haircut and eyebrow wax. yay me! i can't freaking wait.

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Scrappy Girl said...

I {heart} your blog, but I am a little confused on something and I think I may have missed the info. Are you still going to school?

mom2three said...

hahahaha...love the tacky lights picture and your explanation of the stringer and dangler....tooo funnnnyyyy!!
It always happens when you think you have run out of things to blog about that something comes along and will change your mind.
Hope your feeling better today, Im not I have kleenex up my nose and cough drops in my mouth!
I don't think we ever heard about what you got for Christmas, or maybe I just missed that post...

CassiB said...

stringer and dangler have totally different meanings here! lol.
i need to go get a mani/pedi. i've been wanting to for awhile but have put it off. maybe i will leave the girls here for a bit and go get one. i need some me time.
i think i might be getting sick, but i'm hoping that it's just because i've been going non stop lately. a fam party sunday and last night.
is the hubs loosing his job or wait he was getting replaced? what is he going to do? i hope it all works out.

crystal said...

You? Boring? Come now. I read your blog daily for a laugh and a dose of reality to make me feel normal.

jayna said...

love the blog! and what a fun picture of all of us... can you email it to me???


Tammy said...

Love the blog the way it is!

Cara said...

OK I have to go out Christmas light hopping just so I can find stingers and danglers. Jeez - why didn't I know about these before? We could have had a contest to see who could find the best one!!!

Don't change - love the blog♥

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