Monday, January 25, 2010

assorted thoughts and menu monday

I'm debating removing the blog feed that posts automatically to my facebook profile. still have the subscription to networked blogs but not on my wall. I'm thinking I will do a survey. survey majority will win. it will be anonymous and on the sidebar.(you can pick more than one choice.)

I was missed tremendously today during the whole 2 hours i was gone." I Missed YOU, MOM." even though he hung out with dad and was very demanding the whole time. he mastered the use of the mouse today and played Starfall all alone.

I found it ironic that while driving around the lot looking for a space , me in my crazymama mom van (HOT RIDE FOR SURE) i kept passing a Jaguar also looking for a space.

we both got out at the same time after taking a space in the far lot.

he was less than 23. we made eye contact to acknowledge that yes, i was driving my HOT RIDE in all my motherly glory and that he was driving a superior vehicle at least 10 years my junior.

I'm pretty sure he's in my biology class. RAD.


once i actually got to Biology and was learning something, it was totally interesting. suddenly the stress was gone. especially since some of it has applied in my real life (in the past testing I've had) which is FLIPPING COOL.

there is a difference about learning/hearing about studying frozen section cell samples using an electron microscope and having had a frozen section,were it applied to your real life.

and while doing school and being the mom I'm thinking that with the right planning, dinners could be a WHOLE LOT EASIER this semester .with that thought I'm starting menu Monday-

if it lasts more than this Monday AWESOME, if it doesn't well one week is a great start.

Monday-barbecue baked chicken and baked potatoes. chicken breast tenders baked in bbq sauce, 400 degree oven at the same as the potatoes for an hour. Fabulous

Tuesday- baked potato soup.(using extra potatoes from monday) . rolls.

Wednesday-crockpot sweet pork tacos, or salad, or burritos. homemade pico, spanish rice and beans.

Thursday-pasta bar - 2 kinds of pasta(spaghetti and bow tie), 2 kinds of sauce(white and red from a jar) , french bread toasted with butter and Italian seasoning and salad

Friday- Leftover buffet.

Saturday- Something easy from a box or frozen

Sunday- Crockpot roast and mashed potatoes.

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kellyo75 said...

Don't remove the blog feed! Every time I see it, it makes me want to write in mine again. I still have it, you know. I just need to write in it!

CassiB said...

well my answer doesn't really fit into your poll. i have you on my google reader so i usually click over from there, but occasionally i haven't check in awhile and it comes up on fb so i click over from there.
good job on the menu for the week, i keep saying i need to do that! maybe you have inspired me.
so you bake the chicken tenders at 400 for an hour?

CassiB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
onehm said...

YUM!!! Can we come over? You are so very organized!

andrea said...

Wow....a menu! I should really look into getting me one of those. ;) I tell myself that weekly, but never do. Sigh, I just can't decide a week in advance what I want to eat a certain night. I just can't commit. ;)

jayna said...

i love the menu!! great plan!! i have no opinion on your facebook thing... as i rarely get on facebook. ;)


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