Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rad/ Not rad

rad- i finally listened to the messages on my voicemail.

not rad- there were 16 messages.

Rad - there is always at least one from me sounding confused saying "Oh, i'm leaving myself a message! AWESOME!" or RAD! or something to that effect. it makes me smile.

Not rad- I think, is that what i sound like? no more messages from me again.

Not Rad- i burned my bagel-ly bagel.

rad - the burned scraped off. it was extra crunchy. crunchy is OK, but not fab. but better than no bagel.

rad- i only eat real butter. the hubs prefers margarine. i think margarine make things soggy.

Rad- i can sleep with the lights on.

NOT RAD- i slept all night with them on . figuring the hubs would turn them off when he came to bed, he didn't come to bed until 5, he was playing a new video game. LAME.

Rad- I woke up sing Roots- lovely love i sang it until it was stuck in the kids heads too. mwhahaah!

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CassiB said...

totally rad that you put awesome songs in your kids heads when they are headed out.
i don't usually listen to my voicemail, my cell voicemail is left full for that reason, i hate it. home phone messages get checked every few days. i don't leave messages for myself, i don't like my voice it's very mousey.
i like butter over margarine too. grew up with the fake stuff and now it kinda grosses me out.

Nancy Pitney said...

What the heck are those gumby looking things? I guess they're ROOTS? Man, I'm not ready for all this kid crap I'm supposed to know. I only eat real butter too--I converted my husband within about a week of be married. Margarine is disgusting and it tastes like the plastic it is. Have a rad day!

mom2three said...

Thats talent sleeping with the lights on!

Ruthie Girl said...

The lights story is funny and well.

I don't know the difference in butter versus margarine. My husband loves the spray butter, so we have a lot of that.

Cecily R said...

Your RAD/Not RAD posts are my FAVORITE.

little jill said...

Just wanted to give a shout out. I do most things on google reader so I've sucked at commenting. Just wanted to let you know that I still check in.


jayna said...

super fun!

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