Friday, January 22, 2010

Everybody Dance Now!

I like music to clean to. in fact i can't begin to clean without music on.

right now? I'm into these songs, most have high energy beats and lyrics. and if i don't get much cleaning done just alot of dancing in the kitchen well, that's good too.

some are newer songs and some are old school bringing back memories of Jr. High. not that i even liked Rap back then , i was all about alternative, the CURE, Nine inch nails, Depeche mode. but ya know for some good booty shakin' baby got back is a good time.

there are some edited versions and some that aren't. Go ahead, hit play and let it move you.

and be warned there are maybe some suggestive lyrics. ;)

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So what were your faves back in the day?

recent faves?

what kind of music do you listen to?

do you need music to clean along with?

do you ever dance in the kitchen?

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Lori Belle said...

GREAT song list! Love the newbies and old school stuff!

mom2three said...

Rob Base baby!!! It takes 2 does something to me everytime.
I love dish breaking music...right now I am listening to Imma Be by the black eyed peas a lot and the new song by Justin timberlake and Timbaland...
When I get in that mood I get out my that s what I call 90s cd and get down to marky mark and the funky bunch, bel biv devo, boyz to men!

The Glenns said...

Tom Petty for oldies, The Killers as of late, Lady Antebelum, Johny Cash, U2, and when the anxiety is's all primary music.

Nice post.

Leslie said...

Great List!! Luke had a fit when I turned it off!! I have most of these songs on my IPod!! Well actually Jeremy put them on but I still like them!!

I don't dance but love music that gets me motivated to clean!!

steele's said...

I am always looking for new dancing/cleaning/workout songs and these will be fun!!! I'll have to say that every morning we blast I've Gotta Feeling before we get the kids off to school. It always makes us happy.

(after we say prayer of course!)

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