Saturday, January 23, 2010

The way i see it a Mom has 3 choices or Why the maid has an easier job.

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up, is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing
~ Phyllis Diller

The maid finally came again after a few weeks off, the poor poor woman.

have i told you before why i think it's easier to clean house as the maid rather than cleaning as the mother?

1. the maid only has to clean. no stopping to change diapers, fix food, care for children or pay bills, make appointments, etc.

2. she doesn't know where anything really goes so she can just put it here and there and stash and dash or stack stuff in random places as she goes, no real obligation to put things where they belong. if she does, it's a bonus but she has a great excuse not to. The mom has to know where everything goes and where it can be found ALWAYS.

3. The maid gets paid to do the dirty work. The mom is expected to do it happily with no reward other than self satisfaction. i find self satisfaction doing easier tasks (like having spotlessly groomed children) than having a spotless home. Of course i don't get paid to clean either. Mom=slave labor. LAME.

4. the maid cleans it once and it's done . if it gets messed up she comes back in a week and gets paid to do it again. the mom cleans it once and it gets undone almost instantly. which leads to...3 choices.

The way i see it a mom has 3 choices-

a. clean it again (in a never ending cycle)

b.try to get the kids to clean it since they made the mess (in a never ending battle including threats, yelling, finagling, bribing, privilege removing, grounding, rewarding etc.)

c. call the maid.

I remember now why i wanted her to come midweek. these people here are ANIMALS. (or idiots.) but having them all home while she attempts to clean is INSANITY!

they proved this theory by, drinking soda on the stairs and spilling it, and spilling almonds on the floor right after she's swept. I'm sure they don't plan it but there is no logic anywhere to be found here.

I'm taking the kids away so she can finish in peace and so it can be done without her having to sweep 3 times before she can mop. plus the best way to clean is when no one is HOME. at least that's how i like to do it. which of course never happens for me. sigh.

fingers crossed it's not all undone before Monday and maybe it will stay clean-ish next week with the kids all gone to school .

pray for me. i need a miracle for that to occur.

Phyllis Diller was a freaking genius.

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The Glenns said...

I prefer to be the french maid :) Better perks.

onehm said...

Oh honey, I am SOOOO with you. When our lady came over Christmas break it was almost a complete waste of her time!!! BUT, there were a few things that did stay clean for almost the whole day that made it worth it. :)

Kayci said...


I'm hiring one THIS WEEK! I'm going insane!

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