Thursday, January 21, 2010

house wife or maid?

and the wonder of playing dress up.

the kids found a box of dress up clothes.

i freely admit I'm NOT A FAN of dress ups. i know that's sacrilege at some houses but i like mine to keep their clothes on, and wear what i give them.

plus i feel like dress-ups create more laundry and clutter.

but the other day i was being the nice mom and let it go. plus it was well underway before i realized what treasure had been discovered.

here's proof of the delight...excuse the craptastic camera phone pics. i lost my camera battery charger somewhere.

they were a Bride , Buzz and a Princess.
(buzz moves so fast he's blurry.)

then Liberty came home from a playdate and wanted to get in on the action.

she said this was her housewife outfit...i said, "do i dress like that?"

so she changed her title to "the Maid" (our maid doesn't dress like that either)

But she offered her services to "the princess" to be her maid.

which Hope accepted.

Liberty set up pillows on the couch to be her Throne, then proceeded to get on all fours so Hope could use her as a step stool to get up on her perch.

now that's servitude.

here they are, Hope on her Throne, and Liberty waiting to be told what to do.

ignore the tree and box in the front room and the crappy camera phone pictures, you get the idea right?

Later Liberty had given up playing the maid, and Hope was recruiting new servants but Joy passed. she has no interest in being the maid.

but i had to laugh at Hope's technique. "will you be my maid?"

while the girls thought dressing up was utterly delightful there was no confusion about it.

whereas Pierce thought it was Halloween and we were going trick or treating.

i told you dressing up was a foreign concept here. so much so that we only dress up when we have plans to go beg for candy door to door.

so i've finished my first week. and am thinking monday -thursday was a bad idea. and i've noticed my math teacher is a fan of trick questions which i dislike. it's going to be a LONG Semester I'm afraid.

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mom2three said...

housewife outfit!!!haha what a crack up!

Cecily R said...

I remember wearing a scarf on my head when I was doing chores...thinking I was like Cinderella before the whole fairy godmother/Prince Charming thing. I was a weird kid.

Have I said that before?? :)

andrea said...

My four year old lives in dress-up. So much so that she has her "treasure chest" of dress-ups next to her bed. What was I supposed to do, the treasure chest was the ONE thing she asked for for Christmas?!

Teachers that ask trick questions suck....are they trying to prove they are smart and superior to their students? Lame.

steele's said...

my favorite word of the day? craptastic!!!! I'm giggling as I type - I know I've heard you use that word before but man it stuck me funny!

Deanna said...

I like that your Christmas tree is still up. I don't feel so alone now. I just unplugged the outside lights maybe 4 days ago. They've been on since November 28th. (Yeah for the electric company.)

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