Saturday, January 2, 2010

hairy little men with karate chop action

SO it's been a day or two.

you missed me right?

forgive me blogger, for i am scattered.

you are about to embark on a glimpse into my brain, while i regale with tales of my recent pedicure with the hairy little man with karate chop action , my kid free stay-cation , the hubs recent unemployment, and assorted other delights. hang in there. it does end eventually.

my new years was spent playing Band hero with my kids. which is always delightful. as long as i get to sing. or play guitar.

we played for a few hours after a dinner out with the hubs and a day and night before KID FREE! my mother in law wanted the hubs and I to have some alone time for the hubs birthday. we finally squeezed that in on the 30th. WHOOHOO!

While on our stay-cation we went out to dinner, enjoyed having the house to ourselves, saw a movie, went to lunch and I got a fabulous mani/pedi. (while the hubs chose to work) pretty fabulous.

at the nail place this Asian man had the MOST NECK HAIRS EVER! just on ONE SIDE of his neck. at first glance i assumed they were sprouted out of a mole or something and he was cultivating them for a wig or toupee .

then he did my pedicure, might i say it was freaking fabulous. sure the karate chopping massage and tickling of my legs was interesting but he really took care of those nasty heels of mine and i was glad i went there instead of the place that gives a mediocre pedicure and fabulous nail design. sometimes you have to go for the nitty gritty over pretty.

anyway. as he did my finger nails i had a chance for a closer look at those mysterious neck hairs and HOLY SHIZ i counted no less than 33. maybe more. 33 abnormally long stray neck hairs sprouting out of separate pores, not a mole. otherwise he was pretty clean shaven but these hairs, they were INSANE! long, scraggly, coming seemingly out of nowhere, and not anywhere that i deem normal or acceptable. they weren't chest hairs OR chin hairs.

they weren't even properly symmetrical. they were off to one side. thus the mole assumption.

it was all i could do not to zero in (i get this crazed look in my eye once i spot something i deem worthy of picking/inspecting) and RIP THOSE SUCKERS OUT!

I'm like that. I'll admit I believe stray hairs should be removed as soon as they can be spotted, hunted down and taken care of. ear hairs are not allowed. white hairs must be plucked. ingrown hairs? PLEASE LET ME AT THEM! mole hairs are meant to be removed painfully slowly and with my sharp tweezers. ;)

it took every ounce of self control i had not to stare. count them out loud, and not to casually grab the handful and yank on that guys neck. which probably wouldn't have helped the paint job. I'm just sayin'.

but the mani/pedi was fabulous and I'm in love with my pink nails and smooth heels. (so the argyle design isn't totally centered but that's what i get for having the weird whiskered man attempt something as intricate as an argyle on my toe)

so after a fun filled, relaxing, adult-only day, we got our kids returned to us around 7pm on new years eve.

of course i had to make an emergency run to pick up the prescriptions at the pharmacy while we still have insurance.

which reminds me...we are officially unemployed. LAME.

we've known it was coming since June. he had some things lined up that didn't quite pan out yet. and a business deal in the works. BAH! but until something falls into place (or the stars align) we are cutting back. quitting dance. tightening our belts. taking an long break from voice and piano. pinching pennies, not eating out.sigh. not having the maid come. gasp. it will be difficult. and an adjustment. and i may go crazy. I've done poor before and FRANKLY i am not anxious to go back. blech.

something will have to work out soon. FINGERS CROSSED.

the hubs is a computer systems engineer with strengths in embedded systems. a MOST RECENT BACKGROUND IN demand response energy, which means blah blah blah. it's not clear. (really i could explain it to you but you don't really care or need to know so there we are, it's just sad i could if i wanted to define it and use it in a sentence or a long winded conversation)

anyway. he could do lots of things. but currently he's working on a super fab program that has alot of potential for income. if and when they finish it, market it. and tada! not poor anymore. fingers crossed.

in the mean time I'm going to start another semester and work my tush off to get straight A's again. because i am suddenly Type A , which i discovered happens when I'm not distracted by chasing boys, like i did all through highschool. bonus.

in other news...I've seen 3 movies this week. cutting back for sure right? really i didn't actually pay out of pocket for any of them so just consider me lucky, feel free to be jealous.

With the hubs tonight i saw Sherlock Holmes, which was interesting, and kinda long and may have dragged just a touch. but it was interesting and i kind of have a thing for Jude Law.

last night i saw with my girls and mother and sister in law and the girl cousins, the Princess and the Frog which was darling.

and with the hubs on our alone day we saw It's Complicated which was darn funny. but the best part was walking into the theater and being the YOUNGEST PEOPLE THERE! we walked in and wondered if the gray haired, snow bird, over 65 retirement bunch was bussed in, in droves. because the theater was packed. holy crap, there wasn't anyone younger than 60 in there and then there was us. i did cackle a bunch. and went away relaxed and light hearted, until the hubs picked it apart on the phone to someone. which always ruins it for me. but still, i liked it, it was funny, i was entertained that's all i go for.

so. there we are. I've been kinda busy. i can't wait until Monday to get my house back in order after the kids go to school.
they've had a great break, playing all day. staying up late, and I've been sleeping in. which is always delightful.
last night after the movie i came home to our doorbell ditchers inside playing bandhero with my boys.

yes we have doorbell ditchers. doesn't everyone? they've stopped by semi regularly for the last couple years on breaks or during the summer. they ring the bell and the kids chase them down.

anyway. last night the hubs and boys invited them in to play bandhero and they played . on beginner no less. pretty fun. we'll have to invite them again sometime. ;)

so yeah. so now you know where i've been and what i've been doing? how about you?

seen any crazy hair growth patterns you want to share?

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crystal said...

All I have to say is....someday I'm gonna doorbell ditch your house.


WOW!! that's alot, and those hairs GROSS!!!!!

CassiB said...

i am so not ready to wake at a normal time. but it will be nice to be paid again. did not work one day last week and only one the week before.
we have early church this year so yay! we are up so i guess that will ease us into the routine tomorrow.

Susie said...

First love the new header, Second, ewwww, gross, barf about neck hair man, Third, Thanks for the tips on the movies, Fouth, you always make me giggle.

mom2three said...

hahaha....oh soooooo gross! Kinda weird on an Asian man too usually they are totally hair free! Now I think I may have to go give myself a pedi.
Lots of luck on the new computer program ;)

Crissybug said...

I love your posts...and that would totally be me with the Hairy Asian man. Where did you go? I think I may need to check it out myself!

Jen said...

LOL I can't believe I didn't warn you about hairy asian man! Although the first time I saw him there he just checked me in so I thought I saw wrong. You need to get your eyebrows done there, the girl is pretty fab.

I am so crossing my fingers (and fasting and praying ;) for you for the job/program! It will all work out, and you have a great plan of action. Sorry I missed your calls yesterday, I didn't end up getting home and having any down time until after midnight.

Tracy said...

You make me laugh. I'm the same way. I could just picture me there doing the same thing. Best wishes to you and your family in 2010!!

Janeen said...

My doorbell ditcher had fun playing
bandhero at your house! They love doorbell ditching your house! Thanks for not being mean about it.:) But let me know if it gets out of hand.

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