Monday, January 4, 2010

I'd like to get my sexy back, without hitting snooze too often.

i have some questions that need answers, so get ready to share your input please.

I usually do things my way, but I suddenly wonder how do other people do it? There's nothing deep or even exciting about it, but sometimes you just wanna know if you are the ONLY ONE feeling that way? is there some magical trick or mindset that I'm somehow lacking? weigh in on one or both topics. I'm dying to know what YOU think.

on to the topics at hand...

or foot as the subject is

Living in High Heels- i love the look of heels and jeans, every ad i get has beautiful women in heels. with jeans or whatever. sure they are models and who knows how long they really wear that actual look, but, i have friends that wear heels daily and take care of kids all day too, but how do they do it?

i recently got some FABULOUS peep toe black heels (i call them slutty shoes) they can be dressy or casual and i can wear them for all of 30 minutes standing and 2 hours sitting, by then they are killing me and i wanna go home. doesn't matter that i could go out for more fun, i could continue the evening. but I'd rather not because I'm uncomfortable. apparently comfort is everything.

same with my fabulous heel boots. fabulous looking, distinctly uncomfortable and less practical than my comfy , unattractive flip flops.

so the input part, can you explain to me how you wear heels all day ? because i love the look but haven't mastered the discomfort level that goes with it. i admit in my youth discomfort didn't matter, it was all about the look. but I'd like to get my sexy back and still balance the comfort issue. i was just stoked to find some sexy shoes in my size but seriously how good are they if i can't stand wearing them? sure i can look great at church, but nowhere else?

i believe i stopped wearing heels daily about the same time as i was pushing a stroller regularly at the mall and i was too tall to comfortably push the stroller in heels. (roughly 11 years ago?) this is when height hinders fashion. plus how do you chase toddlers in heels? again this might be a height issue. i don't imagine petite people having issues with holding a toddlers hand and walking comfortably.

anyone? opinions? thoughts?

do people even look at shoes? i mean i notice but i wonder if I'm weird about that too?

next issue? Alarms. primarily in the morning.

i set mine, and then snooze it over and over. when sometimes i think i should just set it for the time I'm really getting up and not snooze it at all. instead of setting it early enough i can snooze it and having the last half hour of sleep interrupted.

how do you do it? do you set an alarm? do ya snooze it? i need to know.

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Jen said...

Heels- I can't have a heel too high. I have tried and I never end up keeping those on for too long, so if it something I want to wear longer then I know I need something with a smaller heel. Even then I am still looking for cute flats all the time.

I almost never hit the snooze. But I am more of a morning person. The alarm goes off and really I am usually some what awake before it does and I get out of bed and get Corbin off to school. But I only have one to get going and it takes all of 10 minutes to get him out the door, then I go back to sleep on the couch.

Jenifer said...

I could snooze for hours. It drives Nate crazy. I KNOW a few minutes of sleep won't make me better rested, however, it will make me on time. But I keep pushing it.
Heels. Church only. I'm a crocs girl.

Lori Belle said...

Heels makes any woman a little more fabulous! But, it is hard to wear them all day. I take them off as often as possible so I can wear them longer. As for alarms, I haven't set mine in 10+ years. I tell myself the night before when I need to wake up and poof, I do! And besides that little trick I have babies that are always waking me up early! :)

Crissybug said...

I think it is an illusion...people just don't wear heels all day long. They have them 'around' but most likely they are kicked off when ever possible. I love the way I look, but yes...comfort takes priority. Luckily they have way cute flats these days.

As far as the alarm goes. I am like Lori. Haven't really set an alarm in years. My kids wake me up instead. But when I did set the alarm, I usually got up when it went off...occasionally I would hit the snooze. Most the time I would just set it for the latest possible time I could get up and still get out the door in time so I knew there was no 'snoozing' for me.

Kimm said...

I set my clock for about 15 minutes faster and then hit the snooze a couple of times. I have to set an alarm, I am not a morning person! My kids would probably be late every day (except Jeffery).

I like heels, I go through spurts of wearing heels and not wearing heels. I don't wear them everyday, Sundays yes, and when I am going on a hot date or something. I like being about Bob's height or pretty close to his height.

TIFFANY & CO. said...

Personally, my days of HIGH heels are long gone (at least with little kids that have to be chased). BUT I do like heels that are maybe about 2". I've noticed Jessica Simpson will do a lot of her more popular shoes with different heel lengths. Try something a little shorter ... you still get the heel and I think it's way more comfortable. And I'm not really a jeans & heel kinda girl ... I'd rather wear some really cute flats with my jeans. :)

Rebecca Irvine said...

I don't do heels any higher than two inches, and there is no way I can wear those more than a few hours in a day. Comfort is much more important to me.

I don't snooze. And I generally wake up 5 to 10 minutes before my alarm goes off. But then, I am very much a morning person.

Leslie said...

I can't do heals because of my leg but even when I wear a little heal I go crazy...I am definitely a flip flop girl but do wish I could pull off a heel once in a while. When I am being adventuresome and buy cute flat shoes, I get blisters.

I am the same with a alarm clock. I set it for about 30 minutes before I know I need to get up and then press snooze a couple of times. It helps me slowly wake up. I am not a morning person and I don't think I ever will be!!

Caleb said...

I can't do certain kinds of heels (stilletto's? No thanks!) but I can wear a wedge everyday and not have a problem. Do wedges count as a heel?

I get 2 snoozes and that's it. Then I feel like I can wake up before I actually wake up. Makes sense to me anyway!

Serendipity said...

The only people I know that do heels are the ones that buy the $600+ pair of heels that probably are comfortable at least they should be with that price tag! BUT stacy london from what not to wear said she puts drscholls inserts in all her maybe that's it.
As for me....I LOVE heels, I think we all do........but there is no way in hell I am wearing them all day long. When I was 108 pounds and working at a high end jewelry store I wore them daily...mind you I was 20, and clearly weighed NOTHING so therefore I was floating.
Alarms? I wish. My kids get up before the butt crack of dawn so I don't need one.
Good luck getting your sexy back....I'm still trying to find mine!

Tracy said...

I can not wear heels. I recently wore heels to a wedding and dance, I couldn't walk for a week, and had charlie horses all night also. I can only where small wedge for short amounts of time. Anyway I prefer flat and
comfy shoes all day while I'm cooking bfast,lunch dinner, cleaning, laundry,vaccuming,
grocery shopping, chasing kids...
but thats just me

Riachik said...

I say, if you want to get noticed... heels, otherwise be normal and no one will notice for the most part.

I have two alarm times set and they used to be 15 min and 5 min ahead of my walking date... but then I'd be late, so now they are 15 and 10 min. ahead and I didn't even wait for the second one today because I figured... What good is 5 more minutes??? now 10 is a different story.

I think the best answer for getting up on time is to have an appointment. I go walking every morning and would die if I stood my friend up, so up I get. Instead of the kids waking me and the day kicking me around, I'm in charge and ready before most the kids can start to annoy me. :)

snashcroft said...

I like to wear heals, but they're not practical. I can't teach schol in them or chase the kids around either. I have found that a wedge is much more comfortable than a heel, and I can wear them for a lot longer. I can wear heels for about an hour standing and 3 hours sitting, but I can wear a wedge much longer, almost the entire day. You should try a pair. They are really cute and flattering. As for the alarm, I don't hit snooze, but Joe does. To solve the problem of him rehitting it and never getting up, he moved the alarm across the room so that when the alarm goes off, he actually has to get up and walk across the room to turn it off. Getting up to turn it off usually wakes him up and he's good to go.

Stacy said...

I quit wearing heels about 15 years ago. I'm a teacher and on my feet all day so I go for comfort. I have to wear insoles on whatever kind of shoes/boots I have on so I choose low, low or no heel. Plus my varicose veins poke out even more when I wear heels. I used to wear heels all the time in college and run back and forth across campus but as soon as I got married, had kids, became a stress-eater and put on the extra 80 lbs. I'm lugging around, that was the end of that. I snooze my alarm once (5 min.) and then I get up at 5:35 a.m. I use my cell phone for my alarm. I used to put my alarm clock clear across the room so I'd have to get out of bed but now I just go to bed earlier, like no later than 9:30.

mom2three said...

oh hubby calls them sex shoes when I wear them...which is very rarely. I wore them for a wedding I photographed and by the end of the night...6 hours my feet were tired, broken, and ugly!
I don't know how people do it but ouchie....I prefer cute flip flops!

Alarms...I have my kids I have not used my alarm since our last vacation last summer. When I did use my alarm clock though...BK(before kids) I hit snooze at least twice and then had freak attacks because I didn't give myself enough time...I think I liked doing that to myself or something!

Ruthie Girl said...

no alarm clock.

I love sexy heels, but don't own a lot. I can wear my heel boots all night long, but it is like a disease, I take off all shoes immediately at the doorway. (And I wonder with my kids.)

So no, usually just flip flops unless I am going to see someone.

Wendy Phelps said...

Heels, never! Alarms, I don't need that either. I am a freak and wake up at the crack of dawn all on my own. I also can't function after 8 at night so... Glass half full or empty?

Debra said...

Heels: I'm with you. Maybe it is a heighth thing. I am 5'10" and have not worn heels in 11 yrs. I tried, bought a fabulous pair that work with dark wash jeans and a nice shirt, and i cannot wear them longer than 30 minutes. Have you tried wedges? Those are what i wear now. i think if you get dressy ones they can look sexy too. I have a pair of gold ones with bling on them from Payless that I wear and my hubby loves them. esp with red painted toes!

Alarm... put it way away from the bed so you HAVE to get up to turn it off. Then you wont go back to bed. Or if you would go back to bed, give each child an alarm in their room and they will wake you. I do not need an alarm as I have two roosters who get up at 6 am EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING. LOL

Debra said...

I'm with Stacy... I go to be no later than 10 so I get enough sleep to get up in the morning at 6am.

jayna said...

oooh. fun post.

1. heels are nearly an every day occurrence for me. whether in a dress shoe, or a boot. i actually have a pair of black ankle boots (worn under jeans) that i walked around europe in all day for a couple of days. (of course i switch it up with flats). i'm also 5'-9" and don't mind the height (but i don't have kiddos to look after). some of my taller heels (3.5 or 4") are not even SMART to wear if i know i will standing a lot during the day. it's a good way to do serious damage to your feet. but i can wear any heels for hours if i'm sitting. it could be that i have been wearing them for years now... i'm more comfortable in heels (some of my heels are more comfortable than flats) and it's like i always say... "if you can't do it in heels, you shouldn't be doing it at all."

2. alarms. i set one every time i need to get up at a certain time. (which is nearly every day). although i don't sleep well and wake up naturally at 2:00 am, then 4:00 am, then 5:00 am... so i rarely worry about needing the alarm. ;)

and those are my thoughts.

Andrea said...

oooh I LOVE heels! But I'm more of a wedge or chunky heel type person! I definitely could wear them all day and do. I couldn't wear them for several years until I had my foot surgeries, now I'm easing back into my sexy heels! It also depends on how long you're on your feet - just standing or walking around, etc.

I totally hit snooze ALL the time! Ben & I set the alarm - 2 different times, plus each of our cell phones. Then when they go off, we snooze 'em! Did ya know cell phones snooze too? YEP! AWESOME!!! I don't know why I like doing that, guess it makes me feel like I have a few more minutes & don't have to leap the 1st time the alarm buzzes!

tammy said...

I've found I like a wedge more than a straight heel. It gives the illusion of a heel, but is much more comfortable and I can wear it all day.

Snooze. Sometimes I hit it, most of the time not. You know me, I fall asleep early so getting up in the morning is easy. I actually love being up and getting things done.

Tara said...

This was a really funny post, and I found the comments entertaining as well.

I am surprised a bit by how many people don't wear heels. It does take dedication to stay in them all day. When I worked in the salon I would bring an alternate pair of heels. So like for the first few hours I wore heels that hurt my big toe and then I alternated to ones that would eventually hurt the ball of my foot. I alternated the pain. I thought it was worth it. But, as I am typing this I realize how very crazy it was/is.

I recently did a pole on my blog fashion vs comfort and of the whole20 people that voted only 3 chose fashion. I was a little surprised...but now these comments confirm exaactly that. Whenever I am trying to get my sexy back {which is often because now I live where no one knows me so I basically NEVER get ready} I watch What Not to Wear, it always inspires me to get back in the swing of things. Thanks for entertaining me tonight! I needed it!

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