Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How I make an impression on my Bio. professor

my Lab? was fine. i finished it all before i left.

my teacher knows who i am now, after making an impression by

1. informing her about my kids, hoping for some flexibility if an emergency crops up.she seemed both appalled (6 kids) and impressed(11-3) . She has one 13yr old.


2. because i noticed a nodule on her neck and told her she needed to get it checked.

i noticed it from the back of the room in lecture.

it was obvious during lab.

So, when she asked if i had any questions for her after most of the class had cleared out, i informed her of my observation. and asked her if she knew it was there.

she said it's new.

and i said ,"Well, it's worth getting checked out." as she's staring at my glorious scar on my own neck. as I'm looking at her advanced age thinking they will rush through her testing, unlike my own that they piddled around on, because i was so young.

i kinda wanted to wait until i knew her better before i said anything, but knew it would eat at me if i didn't just mention it to her now.

then, to drive the point home a little further, the lab had a question about dosing radioactive iodine for treatment of thyroid cancer. huh, fancy that! what a coincidence?!

and that's how I make sure my professors remember who i am.


My life lesson for the day?

I've learned if i THINK about putting dinner in the crockpot in the morning before i leave for my long day, i probably should.

since i Thought that, knowing I'd be tired after being gone all day and then back when ALL OF THE KIDS WERE HOME.

i was tired.

which lead to having Pizza for dinner because getting home at 3:25 just in time to hunt down Paxton to send him to scouts and taxi liberty to achievement days then pick her up afterward and thinking about microscopes and metric conversions left me tired.

after all that , i just wasn't in the mood to-

1. deal with the mess from after school snack time (since they 5 big kids beat me home)

2. cook freaking dinner. or go to the store so we could cook something easy.

so, Pizza it was.

next week I'm putting something yummy in the crock-pot before i leave the house on Wednesday.

Oh and i also realized i have to leave at 8:45 am to give myself enough time to drive pierce and drop him off and still make it on time to class.

he had a fabulous day. at aunt Maria's

and in case you needed a laugh, or your daily dose of Pierce antics, here's one you might or might not have caught on FB-

I was helping Pierce into a pull-up after his bath, during which he put his face in my cleavage and said, "I like your boobs mom." (pretty sure he's gonna be a boob man)

and yeah he knows about boobs, and he also has a fascination with smacking my "booty"

"i smacked your booty mom! " as he wallops me with whatever is at hand. (bat, shoes, broom, etc.)

he's such a man already.

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The Kelly Variety said...

I was blog hoping and think six kids was completely irresponsible don't you know you are going to over populate the earth with children who have the same opinion as you and will then do the same? Hi I'm Kelly and love your blog it got me laughing and feeling like a stellar parent until I realized, "Wait that's happened to me with #3 of 6 kids."

Rebecca Irvine said...

Pierce cracks me up! He is the source of much enjoyment over here, so maybe if he is driving you crazy be grateful he is providing entertainment to us boring people over here!

Let me know if you need anything for the giveaway. I forgot to tell Lance to tell you that when I dropped off the book and CD last week. (sorry!)

PS, During art masterpiece Liberty had some great answers. She's a smart one!

mom2three said...

Interesting first day you had there in Bio...was it your first day back???
Anyway I hope she takes your advice and gets it checked.

As for your baby boy...I am rolling over laughing because my 2 year old does the same thing...he was fed from my wonderful tatas for over a year and I think I have now created a monster. I can't go through any lingerie dept of any store without him screaming out look mom for the boobs...for the boobs!!!

Cara said...

Good for you in telling her - now its up to her to take charge and do something with her health. Hopefully she will. I just put stuff in the crockpot for tonight. I need more recipes and I think I would use it more. I lent my good crockpot recipe book to my neighbor who had-never-used-a-crock-pot-before-ghast! and she hasn't given it back. See what I get for being helpful?

crystal said...

Huh. I ensured my professors knew who I was by always being late. Not so good. The nodule observation is a much better route.

I am begging you to post any and all crockpot recipes. Begging.

The Glenns said...

A yummy crockpot dinner: Chicken with a little butter and Italian dressing. An hour later, I add cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom and cream cheese. 7/8 kids eat that (the newborn does not). Usually, we have some rice too.

Good luck.

onehm said...

OH HILARIOUS, Pierce. You are just the best and so real, and that is why we all love you.
You are so brave with your teachers. I don't think I would be so bold. I envy that in others.

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