Friday, January 29, 2010

Just for fun Friday-interactive day!

Just for fun...the questions first and my reasoning after...participate. it's FUN!

Do you recall who your first kiss was? (don't name names)

how old were you?

would they happen to be on FB? and are they your friend?


Doppelganger week has me stumped (you know the cheesy FB celebrity version of doppelganger.)

if you had to pick one for me who would it be? (be nice)


My menu monday was retarded-

sure i had a menu but it only matched what we ate on monday.

tuesday no one wanted baked potato soup and i didn't have green onions so i didn't make it

wednesday-i ran out of time before i had to leave to put it in the crockpot.

Thursday-my mom didn't come over because the hubs is sick. so i put in the sweet pork stuff in the crockpot late afternoon and we had pizza for dinner. sweet pork will be eaten tonight.
and tomorrow and maybe Sunday.

the first kiss thing is a funny story, the other night, i was looking at a FB friends friend list, hopped around a little, and happened across my first kiss. did i friend him? NO. but i remembered it. and giggled. I was 12, it was less than awesome. but funny to recall.

then a FB friend apparently had this discussion with her sister in laws and MIL and posed the question on FB.

and the dang doppleganger. i don't have one. sure I've had people say i looked like so and so, i just can't for the life of me recall. more often i've people thinking i was someone else entirely, or i reminded them of Downtown julie brown. but i thought that was more name/personality than looks.

Yesterday i was wallowing. but now i'm feeling better. and ready to fake it again.

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andrea said...

No doppledoodah here! I think it's way too confusing too. Worse than the kid pictures. Someone sent a wedding picture one to me, you were supposed to post your wedding picture as your profile, but I did that in August for my anniversary and kept it for a LONG time so didn't want to play.

First kiss....yep, I remember it, and how it totally grossed me out and I didn't go out with the guy again....didn't like his kiss = I definitely didn't like him! Turns out, the only kisses I did enjoy from anyone were my husbands! OF course, I didn't get out much.....j/k!

mom2three said...

Yep remember my first kiss, it was at daycamp with a kid named Chad...we were dared!
Isn't a doppelganger an evil look alike??? So it would have to be someone that looks like you but is evil? Your hair color and cut totally remind me of Selma Blair but I don't think she is evil...

Rebecca Irvine said...

I remember my first kiss--I was 16. It wasn't great. I don't think the guy is on facebook (I have been lucky not to run into him much in life although I believe he lives locally).

jayna said...

yes, i remember my first kiss. no, we are not friends on fb... in fact i don't think he's even on there. i have no idea what a doppleganger is.


Heather S. said...

Hey, that was me that posted the first kiss question.

Yes, I remember it, I am facebook friends with him. He's a nice guy, but it wasn't a great kiss and I am glad I moved on to much better kissers. Tee Hee!

kellyo75 said...

I remember my first kiss. His name was Billy (I am a rule breaker, sorry!). It was horrific. I was 13 and NO I am not friends with him on FB, but is it weird that I have looked for him. I fear he is a major loser and druggie, but he was sorta cute. And the Doppledanger (or whatever the frick it's called) has me confused as well. I should just put a pic of Beethoven (the dog!). I don't know about you, either, I am super bad about that!

CassiB said...

yep i totally remember, i was 14. it was fine but didn't knock my socks off. not his friend on fb, i don't think he's on there but his wife is, she is friends with a friend of mine so i see her pop up from time to time.
already told you your doppelganger.
menu's never work for me. it's not my style. probably why, although you inspired me, i have not tried one in a long time.

CassiB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CassiB said...

why does it post twice, that bugs!

tammy said...

My doppelganger is Trisha Yearwood. I'm not sure who yours would be, but the woman in my stake primary presidency looked a lot like you. She even had your same haircut. I almost took a pic of her to show you.

Cara said...

You had like a ga-zillion celebs the other day there are plenty to choose from - you're gorgeous!

I do remember my 1st kiss it was lame and I would never be his friend on FB - gross.

I'm stumped on dinner too.
My aunt told me to go to pioneer woman - she has tons of ideas. I just might.

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