Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Personal Printing Assistant

Energetic, efficient personal printing assistant available for hire. available immediately. terms are negotiable.


I was attempting to print my class notes for Biology last night. it's just so much easier to take effective notes and listen to the lecture when I have the power point presentation pre-printed. so, after running to the store to get ink, and my computer crashing, i started printing.

Pierce was beside himself at the wonder. to the point that he brought me the stack of paper in the bathroom, discussing the wonder of DNA strands and the giraffe on the graphics.

when I came back to the computer to study and Facebook while i waited.

Pierce joined me in his standard position, behind me on the chair. (sometimes he likes to perch on my shoulders) tonight though every time a new paper started printing, he'd yell....



then this would happen.


he'd grab my head to show me the progression of the page being printed.

after 60 pages i think i have whiplash. not to mention i don't think they are in order anymore since he kept taking them off the tray to show me something else.


but , he loves me. and thinks whatever I'm doing is exciting.

I'm reminded i need to enjoy it while it lasts.

someday he won't fit behind me on my desk chair. and someday he won't care to spend every waking moment with me.

I admit sometimes that's an exciting thought and yet i know someday I'll miss my sidekick.

sure he'll be around, but he'll be sassy mouthed and less inclined to cuddle.

and I know soon enough he'll be over the excitement of watching the printer print.

I'm going to enjoy my personal printing assistant for as long as i can.

life is too short, the joy of motherhood comes in moments. recognizing them as they come is the hard part.

Happy Wednesday. it's my long day. even though i dread the thought of being gone all day at school and not coming home until after the kids get home, i won't count down the Wednesdays wishing away the weeks. it's Wednesday at a time. they'll pass fast enough as it is.

I heard this song on the way home from the store last night and LOVED IT .

when i first heard it i thought i fit too well into something else , something entirely less delightful.

but i realized as i typed this post it fits- according to Pierce

according to him, I'm beautiful, incredible , he can't get me out of his head...

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CassiB said...

you have the cutest sidekick! and from my experience (i'm the baby of the fam, i know alot of babies too) he might not grow out of the glued to you, sitting on your lap etc. it's part of the youngests personality. my cuz would still sit on my aunts lap and she is 28?ish. lol.
i agree it is hard to find the joys. but when you do life is much better =)
i loathe wednesdays entirely. seems like everything from the week can be packed into one day.

mom2three said...

Does he at least give you a neck message while perching on your head???

Jen said...

LOVE the song!

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