Thursday, January 7, 2010

My sidekick misses the sibs.

with all of the siblings at school after being home for the 2 week break Pierce doesn't know what to do with himself. he is bored and lonely.

this morning-(Wednesday)

he insisted on cooking eggs. ALL BY HIMSELF. stirring long after they were sufficiently cooked. (i turned off the pan so they wouldn't burn.)

He told me proudly

"I'm a great cooker mama! "

then he tells me "MAMA! us pick up big kids!" (bringing me my keys)

he took pictures with my camera. he'd say, "Cheese mom!" then snapped a picture of his eyeball, resisting assistance with turning it around and aiming it the right way.

again, "MAMA! us pick up big kids, in the van! DUH!" (bringing me my keys and going out front.)

he used his flashlight to look at my throat, "Mama! open your mouth!AHHHH" (donking me in my front tooth with the flashlight, OY! is it chipped now?)

he had a scab, "Mama! fix it with bandaids" (climbing onto the counter and looking in cupboard where the first aid supplies are)

MAMA! us pick up big kids (keys again)

he climbed up behind me in my computer chair and climbed on my shoulders, until i hugged and smooched him off again.

he climbed and walked on the piano keys to get his chapstick off the piano.

it's been a long week of him missing everyone.

tuesday he was fine but Monday he was high maintenance all day. then hugged and kissed everyone as soon as they got in the car after school. "OH i missed you Peyton, I missed you liberty! HOPE i missed you! Joy i missed you! Paxton, I missed you! "

today he doesn't want to wait until they come home.

i have a feeling it's gonna be a long day.

OH and he's no dummy, Now when i think I'm going to make a quick run somewhere and he catches wind of it, he rushes out to the car, i think he's elsewhere entertained but have found him waiting for me twice in the van, ready to go or he races outside and gets in.

then he insists on riding in the car cart at the store. (i hate the car cart)

freaking kid! won't take no for an answer and is always ready to go.

he can be CUTE! like when he found the bag of dollar store treasures, and said "oh thank you mama! i love it!" for everything he got out of the bag, assuming they were all his.

well he's on the piano again, and ready to go get the big kids. i better go distract him .

he's getting batteries to fix something, MAMA! us going pick up big kids DUH! here's your keys DUH! (really where is he getting this Duh usage? he's freaking 3?)

how can i do anything but chuckle at that? DUH? really!

oops he's gone missing while i finished this post ,

i better go check the van.

he's got my keys.

*as soon as they came to the door and waited impatiently for me to get out of my afternoon napping spot and come unlock it, he was shouting with Glee , "My buddy is home ! my buddies!" he began passing hugs and kisses all around.

AH! all is right in the world for him when his brothers and sisters are home .

he is SUCH a 6th child.

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Leslie said...

Cute kid, love that he likes to cook!!
Luke doesnt talk that good, but everytime he hears a big truck he thinks its the bus and runs to the front window just to be disappointed. It's kind of sad for him!!

Andrea said...

Awwwwwww he's so cute & such a sweetie!!!! He loves his big brothers & sisters! Who wouldn't love that bunch - they are cute & fun!!

I love how he's ready to go & waits for u in the van! Anson used to come running from where ever he was in the house or backyard while shouting "I wanna go too!" How can u resist that? u can't. LOL

cooking at 3 already? that's hilarious. hope he will at least wait for u to help him. guess it just tastes better when u do it yourself. heee heee

Jenifer said...

Awww! So sweet! As the youngest, it can be hard when everyone is gone! Especially on mom ;)

mom2three said...

He sounds so much like my 2 year old! I also hate the car cart, If I see it I try to divert the kids from seeing it...sometimes that works!

Wendy Phelps said...

Soo adorable. I would love to have him spend the day here. Want to make the hike out and back? I could have Kyle bring him home.

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