Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taking Crazymama spotting to a whole new level.

last week a friend asked what i got for Christmas...


this is the ONE item the hubs secretly bought for me. VANITY PLATES!

he said the flag plate looked best with my alias, super bonus it matches the red lips on the back of my 15 passenger van.

it'll take "crazymama spotting" to a whole new level.

Crazymama spotting: when people spot the blogger Crazymama out in public that know her just from her blog. recently upgraded to spotting Crazymama's van on the road and in parking lots.

The hubs personally thinks "Crazyamama spotting" is HILARIOUS , he get's spotted too so i don't know why he thinks it's so funny. sometimes I'm a little horrified if i look less than my best (like having a drop in visitor when your front room is covered with laundry to be folded) but usually I'm totally flattered.

speaking of people calling me crazymama. a friend that i only see occasionally but one I am blog friends with subbed at bunko. she said her kids were impressed they got a christmas card from Crazymama and were very excited about it. LOVE IT! that's HILARIOUS!

a couple other friends confessed their kids call me crazymama too. AWESOME!

last night when i showed my real friend my new Vanity plates, she laughed. she told me she would previously and i wasn't surprised at all that she did,

but she got the bird.

yes she did. it only made her laugh harder.

gotta love that.

OH and ScrappyGirl asked last week if i was still going to school?

for those that missed my announcement over the hectic Holidays,

I got straight A's .

sure that was only 2 classes. but still, I'm a mom of 6 getting straight A's her first semester back to college. YAY ME!

and the new semester hasn't started yet. i have yet to enroll but am fully planning on it, just waiting for everyone that doesn't pay to get dropped from the classes i want.

I'm planning on 2 classes plus a lab this semester. so there we are.

2 questions asked, 2 answered.


this morning:

Pierce insisted on cooking his own eggs, Monday he wanted some but refused to eat them after i cooked them for him , apparently the act of cooking entices him to eat them so today with close supervision he made his own breakfast. he told me " I'm a great cooker mom!"

he says that alot when he wants to cook something. UGH ! sometimes I'm just not in the mood to let my 3 year old cook.


By the way, the kids have been on time to school 3 days in a row! i think it's a new record. ;)

so? any questions you wanna ask?

any confessions of crazymama spotting? (sometimes i run into people but assume they wouldn't know me so i don't say anything)

Vanity plates? Love them or hate them?

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Piper said...

Yay! You're so famous!
Great job on the A's!!!

mom2three said...

Love the plate! I love the idea but just have never gotten around to it, I also get this thought in my head that all the cool ones are already taken...
Great job on the A's. I got A's in my last 2 classes too..woohoo, this week is first week back for me and already I have 2 papers due...ugh!
You are brave letting your 3 year old cook I won't even let my 3 or 4 year olds wipe their own butts..j/k...sorta!

CassiB said...

my kids refer to you as crazymama too. although Maddy has started saying " oh you mean -your full name-" lol she has read it over my shoulder on FB too many times! they loved your card Pierce is sooo cute they say and they wonder how old Peyton and Paxton are, lol. ya they are a little boy crazy and baby crazy too!
you are so awesome with your straight A's, i knew you could do it!

KaraLyn said...

I love "vanity plates"!!! My hubby got me one for my b-day that says ILVLFLV and then I got a vinyl (sp?) thing for the back of my suburban that says "live laugh love" in my stocking for Christmas. My hubby knows me so well. I love your plate btw!

sherry said...

After lunch the other day I said something about you to my husband and he said. "Julie?" "Crazy Mama" "oh. O.k." So silly!

blah, blah by lindsey said...

You know I am just jealous!!!! Plu
s if you can't laugh with your friends who can you laugh with?

Way to go on the straight A's!!!!

Jenn Toon said...

Congrats on your A's!! That's AWESOME!!!
I love our vanity plate - LUNETUN! It makes it easy for people to spot us Looney Toons too! :)
You are a brave Mom (like we didn't know that) to let Pierce cook - I'm finally letting my Maddi.
Miss ya girl!!

crystal said...

I think for Valentines Day you should give Lance plates that say "hubs." Or maybe "hubstr." Ha!

You ROCK with the straight A's!!!! I am in total awe. I could never do it with younglings at home. What are you planning to graduate in? Do tell...

Jen said...

Love the plates! I spot Crazymama all the time, but that is just because she is one of my besties! COL! I never get spotted, but I have been with you multiple times with you being spotted, it is quite funny.

YAY on the straight A's! You are going to do just as well this semester!

Andrea said...

I ♥ ur new vanity plates! AWE-SUM!

CONGRATS on the A's. Totally knew u could do it! Good Luck on getting the classes you want this semester!

Hey lunch was super fun with you today! Thanks again :)

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