Thursday, January 7, 2010



that's what today is made of.

that or pure SHIZ.

'cuz what else is there?

Last night something miraculous occurred. i was using my trusty netti pot hoping to clear out my sinuses. and somehow no water came out of one side. NOT AT ALL. NONE!

that means it went somewhere (I'm thinking my ear canal because I've got a rocking earache, and a rad sinus headache.)

and can i go to the Dr now? nope. no insurance. SWEET!

i'm hoping it clears out on it's own.

then today ALL 6 kids were late. and i forgot to pass out meds to the first bunch of 3.

i went all over town with the worst bedhead's so bad it's good. until you see me from the back.

i saw the preschool teachers, the dollar store peeps. the chinese food people. the sonic chick thought i was on my way to work. the school office twice. with this AWESOME display of bedhead, the kind that short hair turns into when you go to bed with a wet head of hair.

Paxton had a breakdown at school and i had to go get him. seriously?

can today get any better?

i did fill some of my AWESOME jars with valentine delights. and i was feeling pretty rad about that until the kids came home.

now with homework hour I'm back in a funk.

i think this calls for running away.

and yeah i realize my facebook and my blog are starting to repeat themselves. how lame is that?

ah bunko tomorrow night.

Hi, welcome to my hovel.

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Lori Belle said...

you should put all this in a novel!

onehm said...

1. I hate homework.
2. I hate bedhead. Why can't moms wake up with perfect hair each day as a gift from the gods?
3. No insurance sucks. When you have a minute will you email me that link that we talked about on Tues? :) TY.
4. I always feel rotten when I forget to give my kids their meds. Poor teachers, poor kids, poor me. We all suffer.
5. Can't WAIT to see some pics of your cute valentine's decor...pretty please? :)
6. At least you are still posting on your blog I have nothing to sad.
WHEW! That was a lengthy comment. Guess I had some stuff to say...LOVE YA!


You can only run away if I get to go with you!!

Are You Serious! said...

Crazy! I didn't no it could do that? I hate not having insurance!!!

Tammy said...

Don't leave with out me! I wanna go to!

blah, blah by lindsey said...

I feel your pain. Wish I could run away too

jayna said...

sad to have missed the bedhead... those are the pictures your admiring fans want to see. ha ha ha. j/k.

sounds like an eventful day!

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