Tuesday, February 16, 2010

blitch-tastic blitchin' .

I need to blitch a little, because sometimes a little blog bitching is in order. today is the day!

agree/disagree. whatever. this one is all about the stuff that peeves me to no end. TODAY. or always. depending.

Dear Slobbery-slurpy-movie-watchin'-douche-bag -

yeah you, the one sitting behind me in the movies. NO ONE wants to hear you slurping on your crinkly wrappered Jolly Ranchers and I sure as hell didn't want to smell them. THEN when someone asked you to stop smacking / slurping on your Jolly Ranchers, you'd think that you could contain yourself enough to stop. apparently not. I can only imagine how you chew gum or eat cereal. you are lucky I didn't kick your a$$.


Dear Dumb A$$ in my math class-

seriously SHUT UP! and quit playing stupid you tube videos and giggling about them with your buddies in class. how old are you? i get that you are all "I'm in the army" but seriously it's scary that anyone especially the military trusts you with a gun. you are retarded. and by the way, the chick sitting next to you, is not into you.


Dear S.F.C. (Stinky Footed Child , you know who you are)-

DO NOT EVER REMOVE YOUR SHOES IN THE CAR! especially when I'm in the happy hour line at Sonic. are you kidding me? You can avoid that by wearing socks. You are capable of both finding them and putting them on. if Pierce can do it, you can too. do it again and you are walking home.

P.S. go wash your feet or get outta the house,'cuz you stink.

Note to self- when you go all the way to costco, don't forget the mega pack of Toilet paper. now you have to rush to the store because it's down to the last roll in each bathroom. seriously? lame.

other things chappin' me lately?

- a pot stirrer:

A person who feels it necessary to try and create more drama in regards to a situation/arguement/debate in which they are an outside observer. Usually by way of a comment or statement. (0r phone call)

aptly defined here -



-College professors that can't teach or lecture.

-losing stuff.

-health insurance.

-sick people.

-People that wear pajama pants in public.

seriously? don't you own real pants? is there a reason you are taking a leisurely stroll around the block in your plaid Pj's? HELLO! and then again today at fry's same girl , same freaking pants. then i spotted 3 more people who forgot to get dressed again today. WTH? jeans? slacks? Skirts? anything! why don't you have pants on? FIND SOME PANTS and put them on. there is no law saying your jeans have to be uncomfortable. buy some that are comfortable and wear them! sweats aren't cute either. if you just came from the gym fine. if you are dropping kids off at school fine. but by 3 pm you should have put on real pants by then. or at least stretchy pants that aren't flannel or obviously cheap sweats. come on people! take some pride in your appearance. if you have the flu by all means lounge all day. but i shouldn't be seeing you at the store then. if you are depressed or pregnant, trust me, you'll feel better if you put some decent clothes on and quit wallowing in those unattractive pajamas all day.


by the way, there is a way to count on your fingers in binary.

guess which is my new favorite number in binary of course?


guess why? ;)

there is even a shirt.

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CassiB said...

oh no, i hate pot stirrers too.
and stinky feet kids, i have one, which david thinks should be impossible because we have girls, like that matters!

Jodi said...

I have an idea!! Let's max out all of our credit cards and move to mexico!!!

andrea said...

Sounds like you are having a day like mine...although yours could possibly be worse. I blame it on the fact that my hubs is out of town and I HAVE NOT gone to bed at a decent time but still have to get up at the crack of dawn with kids who refuse to sleep in or I have to get to school. The last is going to bed in 30 minutes and SO AM I!


Have no room to talk, been in these dang work out pants all day and have NO motivation to change them. Never ventured further than the gym in them though.

gray-gang said...

Oh my gosh....you are so freakin hilarious!! Amen to the S.F.C!!!! I feel your pain!

Jen said...

Umm hilarious!! Love the shirt!

jayna said...

oh man. that stuff bugs me too!! and it's the worst when it all seems to happen at once...


Mamarazzi said...

FAB blich session...and the stinky feet...my nephews kills me!!

girl i am hosting a favorite things swap..come play! you know someone would love some of your darling hairbows or glitterific cups..

onehm said...

I went to the store once with my PJ pants on, but they are actually yoga pants, so I'm not sure anyone noticed. Plus it was 7am, so I'm pretty sure I should have been in bed at the time anyways...

blah, blah by lindsey said...

i agree with everything but....the pj pants! lay off :)

love you

Fawn said...

hahahaha!!!! Thanks for making me laugh today! You are always so funny. I really enjoy you!!

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