Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If I didn't think they were funny, they'd drive me crazy! oh, wait...

sometimes I overhear or have a conversation with my kids and I walk away thinking,

"holy crap, that's just funny!"

here's a few I've found enjoyable lately.

Because you know, if i didn't think they were funny, they'd drive me crazy!

huh....wait a minute, ok, more crazy. (could you imagine? WOW,that's scary.)


The other morning Peyton was on a roll , calling names and yelling at his siblings instead of getting ready for school.

finally i started screaming about not calling names and yelling at at people when he's supposed to be getting ready for school, and he turns around, looks at Joy,

and screams at the top of his lungs,


it was freaking awesome, the person that had been in tears moments before felt much better.

I had to giggle and couldn't be mad anymore.

and let's face it , it's just as fun to yell compliments instead of insults.

sometimes you just hafta use your outside voice, inside.

I can accept that.

they've been doing it alot since.


Pierce is kind of obsessed with toots/tooting.

he's always accusing someone of tooting at him. "mom did you toot at me?"

then if he toots, he says, "I tooted on you, mama!" the other day he was wanting to sit on my lap so i could put his shoes on and he confessed his duel intent , planning to toot on me.

so, Saturday he was accusing me again. then he confessed, "I tooted on myself!" as he laughed like it was the best joke he'd ever told. silly kid.

i wonder if he does/says that at school?


a neighbor here in the 'hood just opened up a frozen yogurt place called YODIPITY.

(located at Dobson Riverview in case you wanted to go)


every time we say Yodipity to Pierce

he yells and points at us ,


I find myself saying YODIPITY for no reason just to hear him call me YOU-dipity.

I can't tell you how funny I think he is sometimes.

but every time you say it... NO You-Dipity!


here's one that is

funny perhaps only to my mormon friends...

I went to get some new G's (garments/underwear) the other day.

as I'm on the way into the store, the kids say, HEY! buy us some new underwear too!

um, yeah.nope.

So i come back outta the store, and Joy asked, "SO, what color did ya get? pink? purple?"

I said, "white."


seriously? hasn't she noticed they are always white? she kills me.

she's the one that used to call them my Pj's.



hey bonus. i just went to get the link from here to go with my story from Pierce. not knowing anything about this. and well i might as well add it right? sure.

(I confess this blogger intimidates the heck outta me, her daughter is in Joy's class. she's perfectly quiet and blond and sweet. and then there is Joy. you can imagine the contrast between the mama's too. yeah intimidated for reals.)

the yodipity grand yo'pening
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Taralyn said...

I soooo <3<3<3 your BLOG!!! It makes my day!!! You have an amazing family and I love how realy you keep it!!! Have a Yodipity day!!! :)

Jenn said...

LOL- I love this- great start to my day You Dipity!

Serendipity said...

my kids refer to my "underwear" as garlics......love kids

onehm said...

Have you seen her blog? She's wonderfully amazing. I'm intimidated too. And I bet she's super nice on top of all her fabulousness...

Your kids crack me up with the yelling of the compliments...I might have to start that one around here.

blah, blah by lindsey said...

ha ha...love the yelling compliments

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