Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Once again life here is never dull.

today was a GEM of a day. I'm labeling everything The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY!

this is in chronological order, otherwise i wouldn't start out with the worst stuff first. keep going, it gets better.

The ugly? we woke up to a flood in the basement because "someone" was feeling handy and unscrewed the waterline on the toilet. and other people knew about it, but failed to mention it. really people? where is the logic?

The bad? this same someone was also up unscrewing the light switch cover in the front room, because he figured out how to use a screwdriver and wanted to practice. kid kills me.

The ugly? this someone also prefers to lay perpendicular in my bed.

Someone is a large 3 year old kid, that kills me.

The bad? 5 kids late to school, and a mad rush to biology lecture and lab.

The GOOD? awesome scores on last weeks bio test (96%) and graded study guide (100%) the test could have been better but i spaced going back to answer one 10 point question, i knew the answers just skipped it and didn't go back. bah!

The GOOD? early out from lab. AWESOME!

The Bad? the kids had early out today , and were well underway to mess making when i got home. sigh.

The ugly? seriously this week was kind of a waste educationally , as far as, no school on Monday, and half day today.

The Good? the weather is PERFECT! sunny and warm with wispy stretchy-cotton clouds. every time i go somewhere i have a hard time getting out of my sunny warm car and going inside. it's the perfect park weather.

So , has anyone noticed loads of people are getting fan pages.

I'm thinking maybe I want one.

i have fans right?

if i had a fan page i could have fans on FB but not have them see all my info and friends from the past/family members and whatnot. right? it could even be open instead of private. hmmm, I'm thinking about it. thoughts? feelings on this? or maybe my friends wouldn't wanna be my fans? who knows.

if i get a fan page, I'll let y'all know.

The Good?

Speaking of a new fan page...

a friend apparently sings in a band. who knew?

give a listen.

I like "A Different Time & Place" and "The Return" the best i think.

I'm loving Amber's voice in The Return.

I hafta admit I'm pleasantly surprised , you think you know someone, at least a little bit and they surprise you. go figure. kudos Grey Zephyr.

if you like it share it.

So, it's time to share your thoughts...

If i had a fan page would you be my fan? or is that LAME?

admit it, you are jealous of my rad day. floods, early release, kids that sneak into your bed leaving you with a kink in your neck or an ache in your side?

I'm off to provide dinner. notice i didn't say cook, I'm not ruling it out, just not promising anything either.

is it weird to hear a friend sing?

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mom2three said...

oh my crap...a flood, that sucks!
Awesome about your test! And I so agree with the school week sucking...although my daughter has not been in school this week at all because she is sick from Amoxocillin!

Fan pages are awesome! I have one I started yesterday, you better be my fan! If you make one I will definitely be yours!

Anonymous said...

Crazymamaof6, this is Josh Zephyr. In light of your crazy day I don’t know where you found time to listen to our songs then write a blog post. And then on top of that, have the clarity of mind to tie in a Clint Eastwood movie title in your post that not only dovetails into your day but also indirectly promoted a song about another Clint Eastwood flick. Brilliant. (Or unintended luck?) But since you did, thanks so much for giving a shout out to the band. It’s friends like you that we rely on to help spread the music since we have no label to do it for us. You’re awesome. And as far as my little brother Joe Zephyr is concerned, I’m surprised at how many comments I’ve gotten from his personal friends who didn’t know he could sing. That partly strikes me as odd since for as long as I’ve known him he never seems to cease from it. But I say partly because I also know him well enough to know he is repulsed with the idea of promoting himself; which is unfortunate since he’s the most talented person I know. Since I’m the talentless older one, then I learned years ago I have nothing to lose, so I’ve dedicated myself to promoting my li’l bro to the fame and glory he deserves. And finally, I agree, my li’l sis’s voice is indeed exquisite on “The Return.” So, yeah, I’m now a fan. Go ahead…start that page!

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