Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last night, the hubs sent me this comic. on google chat.

I cackled for a few minutes. then snagged it to share with you.

he's been keeping up on the blog again (there was a lapse there that i wasn't telling him i posted and he wasn't checking.) but now with the handy feed on Google Buzz he's keeping up.
all on his own.

did i ever tell you about the time that i was in the bathroom that had no toilet paper in it? no wipes and nothing to take care of business with, luckily i had my cell with me, since his phone was dead i couldn't call or text him, so I emailed him in the office. luckily he got my SOS and brought me some TP.

yesterday i got called out by my 11 year old for using the term Douche or was it another d-word on a blog post?! He also follows me on google buzz. darn that buzz.

now that's connected.

happy friday.

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mom2three said...

That is hilarious!!!!That is a great reason to take the phone into the b room with ya!

Carie said...

Yeah well it's not like you make it possible to "snag" anything from you! I really wanted to share that comic with my husband, but nooo it is property of you and you only. Not fun, and certainly not fair! Your a hypocrite, thats what you are!
Hey, whats the telepathy deal with us both naming our blog post the same thing the other day, how freakin ironic! I'm sure I did it first and then you "stole" it from me for your own, see what I mean about H Y P O C R I T E!
Your awesome!

Rebecca Irvine said...

MY DH never reads my blog; you are lucky to have Lance!

Jenifer said...

hahahaha! i use the douche bag word a lot, but don't want to shock my kids so we say DB instead. They don't pick up on it, but I can still make my point.

CassiB said...

haha we say douche quite often but should prob quit. we say it doooouuusssssssshhhh. cuz that's how it was called out to David one night, that's a whole nother story haha. that comic is funny!

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