Saturday, February 20, 2010

You've never lived until...

you've heard that right?

some people might even be the kind to say it.

well here are a couple YOU'VE NEVER LIVED UNTIL....moments you might never have thought of.


-you've been in the handicapped stall at costco, "indisposed", when your toddler opened the door to expose you to the lady washing her hands. The handicapped stall part is important because you KNOW it's too far away to reach the door to shut it quickly.


you get a call on your friday night date, from your kids saying there is a flood. luckily you were driving by your house on the way to get a beverage and could turn around and come home asap. because as it was, you came home to 4 inches of standing water in the bathroom and 2 inches throughout the basement.


you shop vac'd swollen floaty ritz cracker off of your friday night flooded floor. GAG.


you realize your house could be featured on hoarders. seriously? Liberty's room was part of the flood zone and that chick hoards everything. it amazes even me. now i know what people think when they see my stuff. this leads me to believe hoarding is a genetic thing.


the jar of pickles your husband insisted on buying gets broken while you are cleaning the flood savaged hoarders room. and all you could do was laugh while he mourned the loss of his gerkins.


your foot finds a piece of sticky pickle glass. OUCH!

yeah. it was an eventful evening. all this delight after a hot date to half-price books and WALMART. you wish you were so lucky. we did get frozen custard at Nielson's but my chocolate and marshmallow delight only had 10 marshmallows total. sigh.

Tonight earned super bonus points for forgetting the kite we specifically went to walmart for.

let me tell you, because of that i can say I've lived. but holy heck, I'd rather die.

I've had my share of livin', for tonight anyway.

as the hubs and I were laughing about the circumstances. and my You've never lived theme, he said yeah, I'd like to start living a little easier. we agreed that someday when the kids are older and the house stays cleaner, the livin' will be easy but we'll probably miss the crazy.


wondering what happened with 2 floods in one week?? that particular toilet waterline gave up the ghost after being overtightened the other day, after wednesdays minor flood. the hubs said it would happen like this if the line totally gave out, and he was right. it would have been worse but the kids made a dam and blocked the water in.and we were close. between the shop vac, and the mop and wringer bucket, we got it under control.

both of us thought it made the basement look like the maid had come . I'd way rather have the maid, than a flood anyday.

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Kimm said...


Rebecca Irvine said...

Glad i have never lived!

mom2three said...

Ya I would say your living! I bet you'll look back and miss the craziness. I know things are insane for me right now but when I look ahead and think of my life without some freakin random chaos...I say what the crap am I going to blog about???

blah, blah by lindsey said...


Nancy Pitney said...

Love your sense of humor. Only you could laugh about that!

andrea said...

That stinks! And I agree, I don't need to live that. I'll just read yours.

I must be tired. When I read the first on, about the handicapped stall, all I could do was wonder why in the world you were indisposed in the parking lot?! Yeah, I must be tired! Oh, and my 4 year old does that to me ALL the time, she starts opening the door as soon as I wipe, before I can even get up and get my britches up!

jayna said...

oh no!!! exciting, right? but not in a good way. glad you managed to get it under control. i'm still laughing about your toddler exposing you to the lady washing her hands.

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