Thursday, February 25, 2010

Favors and flavors.


I am loved. (just so you know.)

my mom brought us dinner (last night) and a beloved beverage. yup.

then my sister brought me yet another fresh beverage.

that's how i know I'm loved.

THEN i traded certain "favors" for a box of Popsicles.

that's how i roll. i was fantasizing about cherry, orange and purple ones. 'cuz that's what i like. that's what i call them too. they aren't cherry, orange and grape, nope, it's purple.

the hubs went and got 10 boxes.(they are on special.) he got firecrackers too. yay me.

i needed these popsicles 'cuz I'm still sickly. my lung is still missing , and my throat is raw from hackin' .

THEN, since i laid round in bed all day, I watched more trashy TV.

I find it interesting that Pierce has no desire to linger in bed with me when it's not noggin. you'd think he'd like watching all the pretty girls in "Little Miss Perfect" but nope. uninterested.

everyone else lingered after school with me when i watched Wizards of Waverly place, and ICarly, but i kicked them out once they started jumping on my bed. plus I'd seen those episodes before.

did i mention i was bummed i can't make up the quiz or lab i missed yesterday? sigh.

but really no one would appreciate me sharing this. I did them a favor staying home in bed.

So what's your favorite flavor? (of Popsicle?)

what do you do when you are sick in bed?

what is your fave trash tv? come on you know you wanna share. maybe I need a new show or two since i am not much of a TV watcher. spill it.

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Lance said...

The red green show all the way. Love it.

CassiB said...

the old bomb pops were the bomb! they were like orange pineapple and red in the middle. now i'll take a firecracker or rootbeer (sucks that they come in a pack with banana and lime cuz no one likes them)
i fb and play solitaire and sleep, that is my fave.
Y and R and as the world turns. i hadn't watched for ten years, then a few months ago started watching again. night time shows are hit or miss, lately my tension headache is so bad at the end of the day i can't concentrate on them.

Jen said...

Hope you are feeling better!! And love that you got 2 beverages, you are loved!! I lurve rootbeer or banana, does that make me weird? I will be satisfied with cherry or grape too, I am the one that picks out what I like and leaved the yucky ones (ie lime and orange) for the kids to eat.

Daisygirl said...

you had to trade favors for Popsicles???haha...hope your starting to feel better last night I slept with a cough drop in my mouth and actually woke up feeling alright...guess I am lucky I didn't choke on it!

I love fudge pops and the dreyers fruit in the pop ones...strawberry!

Fav trash tv: Millionaire Matchmaker, keeping up with the kardashians, and the Bachelor!


jayna said...

1. dreyers fruit pops - strawberry or raspberry

2. read

3. the only tv i watch is sometimes the news. and that is hit and miss. i actually hate tv.


tammy said...

I don't like popsicles. Weird huh? Unless they're the homemade ones my mom used to make with jello and something else. They were yummy. So when I have a sore throat I opt for ice cream.

I usually read or watch an old movie when I'm sick. Trash TV bores me.

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