Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today started out like any other....

ok well, not exactly.

but the kids did hit snooze on the alarm a couple times. (this is normal)

but they were all wide awake feasting on POPSICLES that Pierce alerted the masses to.

when the alarm went off again, the hubs hopped up for the first time in at least 3 snoozes.

THEN he went to wake up the kids in a rush because, we were late again.

when he discovered the popsicle feast in progress. 6 kids awake horking down on popsicles, in Pierce's room no less.

so he started yelling at the herd.

Primarily at Pierce,who by now has had his share of popsicles.

(who knows what that kid did with the sticks and wrappers but he was awake in the middle of the night partaking of the frosty wonder)

When the hubs told everyone to go downstairs

Pierce turned around and said, "ALRIGHT! March! March ! March!"

as i chuckled in my bed, thinking yeah the hubs sounded like a drill sergeant /popsicle nazi , for sure. it's funny that my 3 year old picked up on that. hee hee.

then the morning craziness ensued.

overheard from the kitchen -

Hope announced in her loud announcer voice


Pierce was throwing shoes at people laughing maniacally.

Peyton was out back mooning people through the window.

just as they were about to leave finally, I suddenly heard wailing coming from the kitchen, I thought Liberty had fallen and was dying from the sound of it and wondered why the hubs just stood there and didn't offer assistance ...

when I heard,

"it's just a pack of fruit snacks that hit you in the leg!"

um yeah, I was glad she was around the corner in the other room because I couldn't hide the fact I thought it was hilarious she'd cry like that over getting hit with fruit snacks. really? how bad could it be? seriously sounded like she was DYING!

finally they'd all run out the door , including pull up wearing Pierce, and by that i mean he was ONLY wearing a pull up.

I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, when Hope came back in to give a hug and say

"bye mom, i love you!"

ah, mornings, full of chaos here.

I think it's hilarious that Pierce resists anything we tell him to do, if i start counting by the time i get to two he says, ALRIGHT! in the snottiest teenager tone you can imagine. but it's cute because he's 3. apparently he says FINE! in the same tone to the hubs.

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Jen said...

Seriously not envious of your mornings, I can't imagine trying to get six kids all ready to go! Have fun with that ;)

tammy said...

Pierce is cracking me up.

Daisygirl said...

um ya Id say there was definite chaos there!!!

So laughing at the mooning comment...there is always a butt show-er offer in every family!!!

Anonymous said...

So funny. Sounds like my house.

andrea said...

If that was my morning, I'd be back in bed til afternoon. Bless you!

I have a 4 yo that does the snotty, "FINE" back at me. Love it.


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