Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 5 reasons you know I'm sick.

you know everyone has those telltale signs that that indicate how bad it is or isn't. when they are sick or whatever. the first clues that tip you off that it's FOR REAL, not faked or minor.

like you know kids aren't that sick when as soon as school has started they are fine bugging everyone else, begging to go shopping. or fighting with the little kids over the channel we watch. or they are begging for food and jumping on the trampoline. those all clue you in.

Just like you know they are truly ill when they don't move from the couch or bed, and sleep all day. can't eat, and don't mind what is on because they don't have the fight in them pay attention or care. 11 year olds happy to watch toddler shows are generally truly ill.

well I have my own indicators.

#5-I haven't sat at my computer AT ALL, except to email my professors that I'd be missing class. I haven't posted on my blog since Monday. (today is Wednesday that's a long time for this daily poster)

#4- I missed girls night out last night.I don't miss.

#3-I've missed a test and a quiz and a lab, not that I'd love to do any of those, but if i could be there I would. I hate missing things that effect my grade.

#2- instead of reading, I watched reality TV shows last night. Little Miss Perfect (I could totally be a pageant mom) , Millionaire Matchmaker (douche bags and ho's galore.) Shear genius (the hubs thought it sucked) , and something else that couldn't keep my attention.

and the #1 reason you know I'm sick....

#1- Pierce informed the hubs in all seriousness, "mom's gonna die." apparently he's heard that quite a bit the last few days of me feeling crappy.

he also said he's gonna die to, but then changed his mind.

we aren't scare to die here, I am however scared to recover and deal with the reality of my house.



other clues....i feel like shiz?

- 3+ long hot soaky showers a day. morning , afternoon and late night.

-the horrible bedhead i wore to pick up the kids yesterday from school, hoping no one would see me or stop to talk.

-calling the hubs in the office and begging him to bring me a drink. (from sonic) and sad when it closed before he got around to it.

-fantasizing about Popsicles.

-up all night hacking.

-asking the hubs to make ramen for dinner.

-my sexy voice turned into Darth Vader voice.

-missing one lung.


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Cecily R said...

Oy. I'm sorry you're so sick. The dealing with the aftermath house is probably the worst part. Booooo. And so not rad.

As for the hacking. Put Vicks on your feet and then put socks on before you go to bed. Best cure for a cough. Seriously. It works.

jayna said...

so sorry!! is there any end in sight??

mom2three said...

so so sorry! The icks are the worst! It must be really bad to miss girls night out! I hope you feel better soon.
I have a giveaway on my blog come by and enter yourself in!!!

Carie said...

Thats about time that nighttime sudafed visits my blood stream, and all is forgotten and well!

Susan said...

So sorry you are not feeling well.

onehm said...

OOOH! I feel your pain. I begged DH to go to Subway for me today, and it was a NO GO, much to my dismay. I hate not feeling well and having to still be the mom. NO one takes care of the mom.

And you MUST be dying if you missed GNO.

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