Friday, February 26, 2010

Forgotten tales, fan pages and picture overload!








well, how about assorted pictures from last weekend,part of the story i forgot to share yesterday , then last but not least a fan page plug.

starting with pictures,

my mother in law is INSISTING that i post a pic of myself being outdoorsy for my blog readers/posterity and really it's not easy for me,

so here is me in my outdoorsy glory, no makeup, weird wet then air dried hair, and well I'll admit I'm incredibly vain. and prideful and i HATE pictures of myself. truth.
i don't even have lipstick on. GAH!!!!!!!!!!


but I'll humor her and post one.
but I'm so leaving out the others that i didn't approve of, because they are FUGLY. for reals.


in other daily events, this morning I spaced adding the part where Pierce put a popsicle stick in the electrical socket hoping for, in his words, "a blue spark" and charred wood.

luckily i caught it in time and prevented both, but it did happen and he did think it was a great idea. and no one standing around thought to stop him. seriously? yes.

when scolded, Pierce used his standard, ALRIGHT!!!

you should live such an exciting life as mine.


were you aware of the new change over yonder on my sidebar?

yeah that's right. a PUBLIC fan page on FACEBOOK for CRAZYMAMA!

yeah baby.

do i warrant a fan page?not SURE. but if my nephew can have one, so can I.

besides my um 3 year blogiversary is coming up, PLUS 130,000 page visits.

so i'm thinkin' maybe there will be some form of bribery/prize attempt for those big events. and I'm thinking I MIGHT tie those into something with my fan page.

so don't lose out because you aren't a fan. I'm just sayin'!


then a super vague shout out. This blogger stopped by and commented so i checked her out and her post today , told a tale all too familiar with many people in this economy. she's trying to hype her etsy shop and so i took a look, and i love this shot, and this one. check her out.

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Wendy Phelps said...

Shawn, Paula, and Mom said that trip was super fun. So, are you gonna have a free prize give away for those who join your fan club? A drawing for one of those fab cups you make? Summer Route 44 days are on their way...

Daisygirl said...

Those are some fabulous pics!
I totally think you deserve a fan page and glad to say I am one!


andrea said...

Awesome pictures. I must say, I'm in shock at all the green! Your desert is happy! :)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Awesome it looks like fun!!!

tammy said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

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