Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tackling "The Talk"

so Friday after school , the kids got into the car talking about the latest drama, some JERK of a 5th grader told some of the girls at lunch this week he wanted to do "nasty stuff" to these girls. Peyton warned Joy to stay away from this pervy boy.

and it was brought to my attention that , it was time for "the talk" . you know "the talk !"

so after the boys and Hope got out of the car at home , the girls and I had 'the talk' in the car while we waited in a long line at sonic. (non confrontational is good).

we'd already covered the whole puberty stuff with the help of the American girl book,"the care and keeping of you" which is AWESOME for I'd say girls 8 and up. it covers all of the major puberty things, plus personal hygiene and skincare and health and beauty stuff. it's not all periods,and boobs.

so we talked about the basics, questions they might have, plus the fact that no one has a right to touch them , what to do if someone does etc. plus who to talk to and open communication with mom or dad in the future.


then I came home and Peyton had already talked to the hubs telling him about what the other boy had said, i was HOPING he'd take the chance to go over "the talk" with him, but no. But Peyton knew we were talking about him and the latest 5th grade drama (which was essentially a boy saying in a crude way he wanted to have sex with certain girls) which Peyton was offended by and didn't want this kid around our girls or his friends that are girls.

so we called him in and had "the talk" but he already knew what was up with the basics. according to him and the hubs boys just know these things.

WHAT? really? HOW? girls know nothing. or at least i didn't until? i was a teenager at least.


after that the boys and i went to go get some new shoes, Paxton is the stinky footed child and Peyton's from the beginning of school had a new hole in the toe. so we ventured to the Van's outlet .

on the way. they got "the talk" ya know covering the how to's of pregnancy, and bonus material about periods and girl parts. both of them were probably HORRIFIED. but whatever. they need to know sometime.

when i was drilling them about who they can discuss these things with and who they can't. like divulging the wonders of "the talk" with friends and cousins is off limits, but asking mom or dad is Ok. they both said they'd talk to dad. but knew they could talk to me, but it was "uncomfortable". yeah i get that. no one wants to have "the talk" least of all me.

plus i wanted to go over inappropriate conversations and touching, and molesters and porn and whatnot. and open up the lines of communication. etc. GAH!

I figure they are all so close in age and i wanted to prevent the whole "guess what mom just told me" hearsay issue. and it's not weird it's normal part of life. etc.

and i didn't want my people thinkin' the basics are all grody because of this kid at school, but just inappropriate , and disrespectful of the girls he said it to. and of course not age appropriate.

now that it's over I'm pretty glad.


after that i bought the boys shoes, flip flops and hats.

i guess i needed some retail therapy after the stress of having "the talk"?

whatever works.

we picked up dinner on the way home for the kids.

then the hubs and I went out.

to...the scout store, Yodipity, and a movie.

Cop Out. rate R, it was crude but dang funny.

don't judge me.

best part was the mom who abbreviated all her cuss word in her kids presence.i totally cackled.


today brought -

sleeping in, laundry, Sam's club with my fave bro and his wife, Alicia. the hubs invited cousins over for a mass playdate (my 6 plus 8 cousins.) which coincided with/caused my shopping at Sam's.

then, i ordered a new swimsuit and some other stuff online, it all happened to be black. shocking i know. i had a friends and family code plus extra coupon. so i got a screaming deal.

So what did you do this weekend?

have you had "the talk" yet?

what age do you think is the right age for "the talk"

what did ya cover?

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Nani Udall said...

We had the hygiene "talk" with Joseph this weekend. You know... When hair starts to pop up in funny places and why deodorant is a good thing. He thought we were joking at first. I'm really not looking forward to the "talk talk" with him since he usually comes to me with these questions first. I guess not being he "real mom" makes it easier?

Carie said...

I'm still waitin for my "talk"

Janeen said...

I always dread the "talk." And it's been on my mind for over a year to give it to our 5th grader. I'm always the one to initiate the conversation and I do all the talking while hubby is there for support. I have a book that I read to them first. I like that when you talk about it when they are younger (between 8 & 10) they aren't so uncomfortable and ask very candid questions. My oldest was horrified and said he was never getting married and would never want to do that (I'm positive he's changed his mind by now!) Anyway, he wanted his dad and me to give him a demonstration of how it was done because he just couldn't believe that's what you really did! We told him we couldn't do that, of course!;) I've given the talk four times and still hate it. Three more to go!

Daisygirl said...

the dreaded talk! ugh! Sounds like yours went all right, its actually pretty amazing and sad what these kids already know!
My oldest is only 5 so I am hoping I still have a few years!

My weekend pretty lame...a bday party that we had to leave early, and homework!

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