Monday, February 15, 2010

worth getting up early for.

what's the best part about Presidents day?

i'll give you a hint...

-it's not having all the kids off from school.

-it's not because it's a 3 day weekend.

it IS because Savers has 50% off day. and I love a bargain.

to the point that I'll even get up extra early to go shopping.

I struggle to get up to get kids ready to push them out the door on a daily basis.

and lately church isn't worthy of getting up earlier than i'd like.

a bargain hunting adventure? it's always worth it!

The girls just tried on all of the jeans I bought for them.

BRAND NEW looking Juicy Couture jeans for Liberty for $5. they were marked 9.99 which i thought was pretty steep but hey they are Juicy.

she also got some Roxy jeans. Gap, Old Navy. Levi's. her tops were DKNY, forever 21 and Limited 2.
all brand new looking.

Joy got a load of Gap and Old Navy.

Hope got Ralph Lauren and Children's Place.

Saver's is open until 9:00 tonight. sale goes on all day.

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elle said...

Trophey Pictures Please!! I wanna see the loot!!

mom2three said...

Sounds like an awesome deal there! I loved sleeping in today it was awesome!

Jodi said...

The savers that I went to was AWFUL! It was pure crap! Maybe I was just there on an off day..

Mamarazzi said...

why oh WHY is there no Savers here?!?

Wendy Phelps said...

I love the Saver's sales. We are trying to fit a large house worth of junk into a smaller house. I would have loved to have gone to the sale, but where oh where do I put more STUFF?

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