Monday, February 22, 2010

it's sexy as all get out

did you know, if I lower my voice I could moonlight as a phone sex operator?

it's sexy as all get out ,

as long as I don't start hackin', since it's only great when I have a horrible cold.

Apparently a day in the rainy desert so soon after barely getting over my month long sinus infection, was GENIUS .

because it's back PLUS a raunchy cough, and if I'm lucky, I'll lose my voice in the next day or two.

in the meantime let's take inventory-

smokers cough? check!

old broad voice? Check!

hacking up a lung? check!

a headache so bad I'm begging people to blow my head off with a shotgun? check!

i still made it to class today but I probably retained NOTHING. I went without my makeup because i couldn't find it, thinking i lost it but discovered Hope had it hidden somewhere.

30 something, with no makeup and hag voice? FEELING HOT!

I came home and crashed. hard.

I'll be laying low round the blog since I've got nothing delightful to share.

hope you are happy and healthy.

later skater.

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onehm said...

Bummer to be sick. I bet the Hubs loves that voice though...maybe you should call him at "work" and show off your phone sex goddess voice. :)

Let me know if I can do anything to help...

Susie said...

Sorry you're sick but wish you could record and post sex operator voice. Too funny. The picture is fab. If I looked like that while I was sick and had the voice we'd have more children I suppose.

andrea said...

I feel your pain. I have a cold too, but I couldn't even lay around and enjoy it today because the elementary kids were home sick too with the same dang thing. So I just got to get up and take care of kids with no one taking care of me. But my hubby did bring dinner home and brought me a diet DP. Good man.

mom2three said...

you mean you have that sexy raspy Phoebe from Friends voice right now! haha! Remember that episode?

Hope you feel better soon Ive got a cold that has been lingering for weeks and so getting tired of it!

jayna said...

hope it passes quickly. being sick = the worst.

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