Saturday, February 20, 2010

The one where Crazymama imagines herself outdoorsy.

I learn something new everyday.

like i can be kind of outdoorsy.

I've always resisted. I don't camp. I'm not one dying to go riding on the weekend. and I like to be inside when it's raining.

but today , we went out with the hubs brother (Shawn's) family and his friend, and we went riding in the desert . and it was raining.

I even went for a turn on the Rhino. sure i screamed a little and threatened the hubs. since ya know if he killed the both of us being crazy, we'd have a batch of orphans. but i did go. once.

the rest of the time I supervised the kids. hung out by the fire. and shivered under a blanket.

we also had a good time blowing bubbles. and eating.

Liberty , as girly as she is, was TOTALLY INTO riding the quad and driving the rhino. and she was good. better that anyone expected.

Peyton and Paxton got to ride and drive too but the surprise of the day was the girls being so into it.

oh and Pierce. he liked it so much he rode every chance he got, he fell asleep riding in the back at one point.

i could imagine going again sometime. or even someday, getting our own stuff, and becoming an outdoorsy family.


of course if i posted a picture you'd know i stuck out, not looking outdoorsy at all.

Pink sweater, pink shades, earrings, flip flops.

I guess I'd have to get some outdoor apparel to go with the outdoorsy me. someday.

pictures may or may not be posted here sometime.

oh but sheesh, my hair absorbs campfire/smoke like none other.

2 washes and it's still stinky.

are you wondering where i am in these pictures? look closely in the above picture for evidence that i was there! did you spot it?

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Dave's Wife said...

You know they make pink camo~ you'd be pretty hot in it! ;0)

andrea said...

As you know, this family LOVES 4-wheeling!!! Glad you got to experience the joy. And outdoorsy can be functional and cute. My helmet is pink!

My Family said...

Fun!!! We go camping all the time, I am so not a camper but I do it for the family and hey, no one said you can't look good while your out there in the wilderness (or the desert)!!!

mom2three said...

So not the camping type here! I do love quads though and traveling at fast speeds...but Id probably do it in flip flops!

Jodi said...

YAY!!! Isn't it FUN!!?? We have a Jeep that we use to go out 4-wheeling. They also have great volunteer opportunities out at Four Peaks--we did the clean up--everyone drives out there with their vehicles and cleans up the mess rude people leave..Seriously I didn't think picking up garbage could be so fun! The kids had a blast--and it felt good to help! We need to get our kids helmets though--I felt like a bad mom because everyone else's kids had them, even sitting in the back of the jeeps! D'oh! Heheheheh We also go on a HUGE camping trip every summer, We stay at national parks that we haven't been to before, last summer was Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, GRand Canyon and it was SO. Much. FUN! (especially when we filled up our camper with fireworks in Wyoming hehe shhhh!)I could TOTALLY see you rocking a BRIGHT pink tent! LOL xxx-Jodi

Jodi said...

Another thing because I am spamming your page--a GREAT hike to start out on is the PETROGLYPHIC TRAIL! I can get you directions --it starts pretty close to my house (it's out by the lost dutchman) It might easily be the MOST beautiful hike I have done here (ESPECIALLY NOW when the desert is Green!) You walk about 1.5 miles up to a multi-tiered waterfall (with swimming holes!) gorgeous boulders and PETROGLYPHS! Which are so neat! I pack in lunch, we hang out for a while and the kids play then we walk back! Your kids would LOVE it!

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