Sunday, February 28, 2010

the latest hits on my bad list.

i just had this conversation with the hubs...

me: what are you doing?
Lance: my cheesy game.
me: you are kidding me!
bad list!
you are #1 on my bad list today
Lance: what songs are on there?
2:50 PM me: hit songs like...
+funky towels.
+laundry monster
+pancake mess
+I don't close my shower curtain
Lance: i know most of those.
i don't like them
me: you think you do but you don't
2:51 PM these are new improved versions.

so , with that i realized no one respects my bad list anymore. sigh.


i found a whole basket of waterlogged stinky towels from the flood last weekend, this morning. awesome.

i seems between the outing in the desert, and being sick all week, it got overlooked.

nothing like a basket of funky towels.


and for some reason people can't seem to figure out if you don't close the shower curtain water gets on the floor. DUH!?!


every time i make pancakes i get batter on my shirt. plus syrup on the counter and sticky faced kids.

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Daisygirl said...

nobody takes my bad list seriously either!

ewww on the towels! I once forgot about some laundry in the machine once for a day and that got bad!

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