Monday, March 1, 2010

Obladi, Oblada

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life.
It goes on.
- Robert Frost.

It's so deep. profound. simple.


It meaning LIFE.


I happened upon this quote while looking for a decent FB status.

and while I didn't think it was what I wanted for my status
it was blog worthy.

because, It's so true.
which is more important anyway right?!

life goes on whether....

~your husband has a job.

~you get sick.

~you have babies.

~you have cancer.

~your kid is special ed.

~You have to work.

~if you lose your house in this economy.

~People unfriend you on FB.

~you have health insurance or not

~when your computer is slow

~you drive a crappy car.

~nothing works out like you planned.

in the end...

life goes on.

you can either lay down , kicking and screaming and bawl about it,

or you can pick yourself up and find humor where you can and make the best of it.

it's gonna go on whether you enjoy it or not, so you might as well enjoy it, RIGHT?

here is your theme song for the day. enjoy. sing along. dance.
get down, get funky.

Funny kid quote for the day? Paxton has what I refer to as a NAPPY AFRO.

<span class=

he prefers to call it his "FUNKY AFRO".

I go with it, whatever floats your boat kid.

he also has dopey ears in this pic, but i won't tell him that. ;)

Happy Tuesday.

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Tammy said...

SOOOO true! I think we all get cought up in a lot of poor me. It all makes sense! Love it Julie! I might have to lift this off you for my blog! Okay by you? That is how I have been feeling lately and you just summed it up! THanks

Lance said...

Don't sweat the small stuff. And Everything is the small stuff.

My Family said...

I like it!!!! Not sure where losing a friend on FB fits in :) but it's so true, thanks for the reminder!!!

Daisygirl said...

Love this post! Its true life goes on!
Oh I so love Paxtons guys could call it a funkfro!

I have a gift card giveaway on my blog ends on Friday! ~Jen~

tammy said...

So true. Life does go on. And sometimes the stuff that happens just helps to make us realize what is most important. Family, faith, friends (and if they unfriend you, they're not really friends).

Wendy Phelps said...

This post made me smile. Thanks! I needed that. It hasn't been the greatest morning ever.

onehm said...


Are we carpooling tonight??

Cecily R said...

So. Awesome. And rad. And rad again.

And one more thing. I LOVE that kid's hair. Paxton rocks.

Jen said...

AMEN!! Life goes on, and right now there isn't much I can do about my circumstances but I refuse to sit and whine all the time about it, I whine, get it over with and move on. Find the joy, humor whatever, my life won't always be sucky so I focus on that!

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