Thursday, February 4, 2010

random delights on a thursday!

I'll tell you 3 randoms. one about my kids, one about me at school and one about me shopping. some other stuff is thrown in for filler and i share my plans for the day too. don't miss out on that delight.

you may or may not have read these randoms on FB, i can't help it if you keep up both places. i only have so much new material to go around daily. but this has way more detail i think. well I'm pretty sure anyway. it's late. and my brain turns to mush at midnight.

Oh, that reminds me , 7 people voted for the feed to Fb thinking it's handy. 1 said i repeat myself too much , 3 said something else i can't recall, oh yeah they read but don't comment, and 6 said they use another feed or reader or something so they don't care.

so for now, i guess I'll let it auto feed still.

onto the randoms...

apparently asking a girl to be your girlfriend is all the rage in 5th grade.

being boyfriend/girlfriend means they say they are and that's pretty much it. although there was talk of meeting for a date at the park. um yeah. 5th graders. ACK! luckily my 5th grader thinks it's pretty dumb, and only wants a girlfriend if they have a crush on him first. typical boys.

this brought on the question from my 3rd grade boy, "mom when can I start dating and have a girlfriend?"

my reply sounded like this, "ummm, uhhhh, what do you mean by girlfriend? and date? well that isn't all that great until you can drive so how about you just have a secret crush and you give her a special valentine treat? she can even be your girlfriend if she wants, but that just means you say you are boyfriend/girlfriend and treat each other nicely, that's it."

this triggered the need to buy a special valentine treat for 5 kids. to give to their crushes. it's cute. right? and crazy all at the same time. as long as they aren't planning on kissing anyone, well i guess , I'm fine with that.

and i was freaking out how many days ago? about this being a few years off?

yeah. RIGHT. sigh.


I like colorful adjectives. the boy next to me in lab was intrigued and put off by the use of oozy and dangling. he kinda mocked my use of Rad, he accused me of being Canadian and he guessed I'm a year younger than i am.

another girl at my lab table said i had the biggest boobs in the class. i wasn't sure if i should be flattered? but I'm gonna go for it. I'm flattered.


i sniff purses to make sure they are leather, (this might not be news for some of you) but tonight-my friend that i helped out purse hunting, thought it was a tad weird (the leather sniffing) but in the end was converted. she was highly impressed with my shopping skills and my price guessing ability. and laughed that every purse i picked up for myself was A. leather. and B. expensive. we went to TJMAXX which i ♥.

by the way, for those that asked, the dresses i got for the girls the other day were from TJmaxx and they were delightfully cheap. 12.99 and 16.99. the Scottsdale store had the best selection in big girls.

i make the rounds of all the locations in the valley of TjMaxx and Marshalls , yup i do. because some of them have better selections, sometimes i want the same thing in a different size, and sometimes i just like to go, often.

i confess, it might be a sickness.

other than that. it's Thursday . whoohoo last day of class this week.

today's big plans?

math class.((dread)).

after that i have a lunch date with an ex-boyfriend's wife.

yes i am going to lunch with the wife of an ex-boyfriend.

we(she and I) are FB friends and we are going to lunch.

is that weird? I've met her before. we seem to have lots in common, which is interesting. i hafta admit I'm kinda nervous. like alot.

(i'm so much fatter in person than on the computer, what if she thinks i suck, etc.)

I'll let ya know how it goes.

maybe we'll even take pictures with my camera phone. so you can see how it went yourselves.

EDIT: here is my blurry camera phone pic . hers was better i'll post it later. Oh and i was nervous for nothing. she's fabulous. what's passed is in the past. etc.


have a rad Thursday.

could ya share a random with the rest of us? please and thank you.

oh and don't forget to leave your nugget of delight in the comment box. here's some suggested questions to guide your written appreciation of this post. (written appreciation= comment).

what do you think about me doing the lunch date with the wife of my past lover?

would you let your kid in 3rd or 5th grade have a 'girlfriend'?

what say you, about the valentine treat for the secret crushes?

are you a purse sniffer too? leather or vinyl? do you have a preference?

inquiring minds want to know!


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tammy said...

I had my first boyfriend in kindergarten. He gave me a ring with a foot on it that said "Love you". I cherished it. I had my second boyfriend in kindergarten too. He tried to kiss me and we got in trouble. I don't remember having boyfriends in 1st or 2nd, but in 3rd we would play kissing tag on recess, and we'd only try to be caught by the boys we wanted to kiss. And we'd put on flavored lipgloss before. I can't believe we got away with that. Where were the teachers/aides? I'm glad Connor's not even thinking about any of that. All he cares about is valentines that are funny, and good candy.

Jenn Toon said...

Hey! I actually got pretty good at the leather sniffing by the end of the night! :) I had a great teacher!!
AND - you are RAD at the price guessing and I agree that you should go on The Price Is Right! You could win loads of money to buy all those awesome things you showed me!
Thanks for the fun, my friend! It was a LONG time in the coming and I hope we get together again VERY soon!! Enjoy lunch! You deserve it!

Crissybug said...

I think it would be fun to go out with the wife of an ex. Some may think it is a tad weird, but really...what is wrong with it? Its not like you are trying to hook back up with the are just having lunch with his wife. I am still really good friends with a girl that is married to one of my exes. Don't think about it too much. Have fun!

mom2three said...

Hahaha, young love!!!

Wow lunch with your ex boyfriends wife, could be weird...could be cool...guess you guys right off the bat have something in common ;)

by the way I left you an award on my blog!

1happymom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gray-gang said...

Well this whole boyfriend/girlfriend, asking people out in 5th grade has definitely rocked our world this week!! The other night we had 2 cute little boys at our door asking if Ashlyn wanted to talked down at the park....well luckily my husband answered the door! He was dumbfounded...we knew this day would come but seriously...5th grade! These boys have guts! We laughed about what having a girlfriend/boyfriend involved other than bragging rights :) It's too funny and kinda cute in a way! My husband's opinion is next time some boy comes to the door asking for one his daughter, he will be more prepared....possibly wearing his police uniform or cleaning his gun!

andrea said...

I don't even want my 16 year old to have a's just all too much to deal with! ;) So 5th grade. No way. In all seriousness, I guess I just don't understand why kids think they have to grow up so fast. I blame Hannah Montana. (Just because I want to blame her for something!)

Valentines Day....ugh. I guess I better figure out what to get together for my kids before Friday class party time! Not fair that we have to have it ready for the 12th! Stinks for procrastinators like me.

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