Wednesday, February 3, 2010

this is your homework- due next week.

I've decided Wednesdays are review days here on the blog.

if you haven't read what you missed, Wednesday is the day for it.

if you've read but haven't commented use the time wisely to leave me a nugget of delight. "nugget of delight" means comment.

this is your homework. due next week.

now I'll bore you with crazymama's tales of college.

We are covering the organic Chemistry in biology right now. and gosh, i felt dumb. some of it makes perfect sense. i get where it applies in other things, i can catch the concepts, but sheesh if i wasn't confused in lab ,

mostly because there was sharing and i didn't get to do it all by myself at my own pace.

some of it was the jumping around to accommodate everyone else that was jumping ahead , and then going back to the topic at hand.

and a portion of it goes to lack of sleep or food. it was a late night, i came home to study for the quiz today, and when it was time for bed the sinus pain was unbearable.

then the standard early morning, and rush out the door to class. no time for food. lecture then break with no time to go anywhere, then time for lab. rad.

so today I'm overwhelmed.

do i kinda get it? yeah

can i recall it later? hmmm that's questionable.

do i need to devote more time to the study of it before the test? HECK YES!

sometimes i think i may be wasting brain function and limited thought processes on blogging and fb when i should probably conserve such valuable resources. lack of comments will increase this train of thought. i know it's harsh. but it's true.

i was going to think of a word problem explaining this but i'm fried. so i'll see ya 'round.

maybe after a nap and a beverage i'll feel better.

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CassiB said...

now that your back in school, you should probably go to bed at a reasonable time =)


elle said...

I know that if anyone can manage a house, husband, 6 kids and school, it's totally you.

Cara said...

I wouldn't do well in a lab either. Don't feel bad. Had fun last nite! Thanks for the cackles!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to leave a "nugget of delight" You really do make my world a happier place each day as I read your blog! It might not always be funny to you but it is a fun time in my day when I get to read about your adventures! I just bought a house would love for you to come over and behold the wonder sometime! Love you Jewels

andrea said...

Just for the record, I thought Organic Chemistry made so much more sense and was more interesting than regular Chemistry, but the best and most interesting was Biochemistry. Not that I want to take any of them over again! ;)

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