Friday, February 12, 2010

sometimes i outdo myself

so i stayed up almost all night. hot gluing the kids candy to the cards. i don't let them use the hot glue gun, nor do i enjoy using it when they are around. needless to say, i'm beat.

i also glittered Liberty's Valentines collection box. hot glued the cards onto the special crush treats. and assorted other last minute super important Valentines day stuff for school.

sometimes i outdo myself. i should really stop that.

as i sit here considering Pierce's Valentines, he's taking the Playdough kind, with the sticker, but i have loads of extras of the candy charm bracelets and the suckers, and i have cards and treat bags, i could really easily whip up some bags and be that over the top mom. I'm honestly tempted.

flashback coming later. i'm gonna go whip up some treat bags.

Oh and the price paid for being over the top, up all night super mom? bitchy early morning mom. the kids said it didn't negate the wonder of what i achieved, but i do feel slightly guilty.

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elle said...

Yea, right. I set the bar high? I only have 1 child to prep for. You gittered, hot glued and candy charmed 6!! Amazing!

andrea said...

Way to go Martha Stewart! ;)

mom2three said...

You rock! I was so hoping my daughter would need a cute decorated box for her cards today but sadly didn't ...maybe I shoulda made one anyway!
Happy Valentines ♥

Rebecca Irvine said...

What? No pics? I need to see the eye candy!

Carie said...

MAN I'm glad my kids are out of elementary school!!! I do not have the patience for such nonsense! I am awesome for Christmas and Easter, and no other's! I'll blame it on my mother, whenever I can I blame her!

tammy said...

I'm sure they appreciated it. I don't stay up half the night to do anything!

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