Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day is HERE!

here are some pictures of the day.

it started out by waking up to a HUGE MESS left by the kids, some screaming and then cleaning and then ahhhh, happy valentines day.

Grandma and Uncle Gary came over. and we had heart shaped pizzas for lunch.


then she took 5 of 6 home with her. the girls will stay overnight, and 2 boys will come home. but not until after i take my afternoon nap. yay.



Look what Joy started...


Hope can do it too.


Hey look! Peyton does it too. (not really but he copied and it was funny so i snagged a pic)




the best part about these love notes is how she signed them.

they said Joy

then Jew

hmmm, why is she writing Jew on everything?

OH yeah, those are her initials...


Joy Elizabeth Wheeee-le-her


wanna know what the kids got?

everyone got shirts. as evidenced in the pictures. (they wore them to school on Friday too.)

a stuffed animal a giant sucker and underwear. yes they did.

that's what they asked for so i bought it.

they were pretty thrilled. my kids just might be kinda odd.

I know that's shocking!

hope you get some fancy panties too today. ;)

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CassiB said...

those shirts for the girls are adorable! i love them. hope you have a super fab valentines and get some fancy panties too.

Jodi said...

I got two sets of flowers(YES TWO!!) and some cute cards from my kids! Also my friend got me a $15 subway giftcard which was really very nice!! (I love subway!)

But I buy my own undies would say..why buy something that is just gonna get ripped or wind up on the floor!?


Mamarazzi said...

total cuteness...big love the shirts.

Susan said...

Justin and I order several new sets of undies just yesterday...we called it a presant and called it good.

Glad you had a nice day.

Susan said...

BTW we had heart shaped pizza for lunch too.

andrea said...

Looks and sounds like they were all happy! I had to laugh when I went to church. Pretty much everyone was in red and black with some pink thrown in. I guess I missed the memo, as I wore a green shirt! My VDay suffered from aloneness, meaning the hubby was MIA. Check my blog for the whole story. But, I had my new iPhone to keep me company I suppose!

Scrappy Girl said...

I love that you made it a very special day for your kids...seems like I have noticed alot of people letting this holiday pass by without taking advantage of the chance to do something special for the ones they love. It's all about the details.

My Family said...

Absolutely Adorable Shirts!!!!! Your kids are too stinkin' cute!!!

tammy said...

I'm laughing at the fancy panties and the JEW. So funny.

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