Friday, March 12, 2010

Excuse me but, that doesn't match!

OH YOU KNEW? you wore that on Purpose?

REALLY? Why would you do that?

mismatch day? OHHHHHHHHHH i see, well that's hideous, so kudos on achieving that 'look' then.


Paxton was sporting a red athletic jacket over a loud Hawaiian shirt and plaid shorts with 2 different shoes

Liberty came up with her own design- a multi plaid patchwork mini with cheetah print tank and a polkadot cardigan paired with pastel heels one with a white ankle sock. her hair style topped it off, with one ponytail with a multicolored polka dot bow, and a high braid and a blue bow.

Joy donned her hot pink and black Halloween tights paired with the rainbow pettiskirt, a fall colored rugby, a pink boot and a black boot. her hair had one topknot, one bun and one pony, hairpins sticking out of the bun for effect, a hot pink boa on the topknot, and a blue bow finished off the look on that last ponytail.


Hope wore pink cherry striped leggings under her pink and pink pettiskirt, a rainbow striped sweater and a floral print cropped cardigan. with one black boot and one white slipper. her hair had one bun adorned with a blue bow, and a ponytail with a brown bow.

this is our best effort to not match for mismatch day at school. and a true test of a mothers love.

seriously. who knew it took longer to find clothes that don't match?

we discovered much to dad's dismay that doing multi-styled hair took longer to style than well groomed hair too.

Peyton opted out of participation preferring to go with his normal style of t-shirt and jeans. not wanting to risk looking like a dork . 5th grade boys are careful about looking stupid.

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Lance said...

Hideous! I love it.

Are You Serious! said...

How funny! our kids had mismatch/backward day last week... :)

andrea said...

Nice. Love all the different shoes. Good touch..

Janelle said...

Well done! Love the cowgirl boots!

Leslie said...

They look great, for mismatch day that is!! I don't think we do that at our school!!

tammy said...

I think they achieved their goal. I love mismatch day.

Wendy Phelps said...

We love mismatch day!

onehm said...

You are SO GOOD to take photos...I didn't get to that part that morning. :( They sure had a fun day though, didn't they??

The Sports Mama said...

Honestly? Bug goes for outlandish looks like this All. The. Time.

He's an original, that's for sure.

Love the many different 'dos on each head! :)

The Glenns said...

ummm, I think our kids dress like fairly often.

I was catching up on your blog. How is your life with all the kids and school?

Also, because we don't know eachother well enough to really offend eachother, I can say with confidence, that I HATE the Pinewood Derby. Your refreshments did look yummy though.

And as for the paint. I would have lost it (I think), well at least the old me would have lost it. I am not sure who I am anymore.

Have a great Spring Break! We need some time without homework.

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