Monday, March 15, 2010

Loves spring and is learning to embrace spring break.

Loves that when the hubs asked me if I wanted a drink, Pierce answered instantly ,"yeah, orange!" lol ! kid knows what he wants ! ;)

Loves- the orange blossoms heavenly scent, as it permeates my yard.

Loves my kids sleeping over at grandma's on spring break!

Loves sleeping in to a reasonable hour. (I'd tell you 10:30 but then you'd just be jealous)

Loves the sunshine and warmth.

Loves our cheap/casual staycation spring break plans.

Drive-in movie

video gaming

cousin playdates and sleepovers.


sleeping in

anything else that sounds fun. (budget permitting.)

the kids have no plans for cleaning but since this is my spring break too, i need to squeeze some of that in.i need to drive home the point, the more they help the more fun we can have.of course they need to be home to do that. so maybe I'll work on it while they are gone, or maybe i won't. ;) with no one to entertain Pierce I'm sorta at a loss.

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CassiB said...

no plans for spring break, total free for all. want to get some cleaning/decluttering/organizing done but we'll see. we got a new puppy so that is taking up quite a bit of time, lol.

Daisygirl said...

ummm heck ya Im jealous 10:30!!!!

tammy said...

How funny that I did a "loves" post today too.

10:30? Sleeping in for me is 8:00, and then I feel like I've missed too much of the day.

LOVE the scent of orange blossoms!

Leslie said...

We spent all our money at the Ostrich Festival!! So now we are on to the same things..I might try to take the kids to a movie but other then that...hopefully a new baby will entertain us!!

I love orange blossoms too but don't like the sinus pain! And I love to sleepin too, but I was ready to get up at 1am because my back was hurting so bad.

jayna said...

oh... i miss the orange blossom fragration. that's one of my favorite things about az in the spring. i miss getting a spring break, too. but this year, i'm taking my own. going to ca. :)
but i do love me a good staycation. sometimes, there is nothing better. have fun!!

Jen said...

Sleeping in and most of the kids gone? GREAT way to start SB!! Today is our relaxing day, lol I told you that my gusto would only last for one day!

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