Monday, March 22, 2010

False Hope While Tied to a Tree

highlight of the day so far?

driving home down the street, I saw a little(2ish) neighbor kid , being tied to a tree in his yard NUDE, by his brother (4ish?).

It made me smile. I should probably have stopped and told his mom, or called her , but I didn't have her #. plus she'd probably be embarrassed someone saw them.

I always was when Pierce was caught out front in the buff.

I'm totally not judging. kids have minds of their own.

but seriously it made my day.

um spring break for the kids is officially OVER. my break is over too.(what break?)

I came home from class to Pierce playing computer.

I mentioned to the hubs he's a computer nerd like the rest of the kids, within his ear shot, and he piped up, "NO, I'm Pierce! "

let me just say, going back after a week break is hard.

Stuff I totally knew a week ago was gone from my brain, or foggy, when it was previously clear.

a week with the kids and my mom brain (stagnating cells /eternal dim-witted-ness) was back.

I no longer felt ready to be there, I didn't feel worthy to sit with intelligent people in a classroom setting.

All I could think about was my laundry I need to catch up on, toilets that need a good scrubbing and a nap. we did nothing productive last week, it was all fun, all the time.

PATHETIC. I need a break after the break. to recover.

I have a paper due Wednesday if I want to make up my missed lab.

WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY?! plus a QUIZ!~ already!

I'd like to do some Easter prep, decorating, (i finally took down my Valentines day decor.)

it seems I got very little Me time last week. that and I didn't even get a date.

seriously lame.

by the way, I need and want a pedicure.

Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned that the Van battery died at the drive-in Friday night, we had to call my mom to come rescue us, which entailed her picking up the hubs while i sat at the drive in alone with 6 kids and a dead van during the 2nd movie(we overheard the movie from a distance). they hit the parts store and got a new battery. (replacing our 4 year old one)

it was mildly stressful .

in case it wasn't clear,

I prefer fall semester to spring.

this week off business in the middle did nothing for me but ruin my momentum for school while giving me false hope that I'd get a minute to myself and time/help recovering my house. BAH!

false hope stinks.

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Debbie said...

I love your blog! I haven't had the time to peruse every link, but you seriously crack me up! I am a crazy mama of 5, so not quite as crazy as you. I love how you take things in stride w/ the kids. I'm always looking for good ideas w/ a large family and just things to make me laugh. Blogging is my therapy, too. I need to do it more. Keep up the good blogging.

Daisygirl said...

That was our house you saw with the naked children tied to a tree...haha! well it so could have been!

I didn't even get a spring break I still had homework to do. I am thinking I definitely need a break but my fear is that if I take a break I may take a break forever...ya know what I mean!

Wendy Phelps said...

You really planned to get your house clean/caught up with the kids home?! That made me laugh. I plan the opposite. The house is going to get so trashed with the kids home! I used to have the delusion that we would all work together and get a lot accomplished, but I have come to the conclusion that I have to get them all out of the house to get things done.

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