Monday, March 22, 2010

More Crazymama Classics. fan faves

some people said they had fave posts. here are a few more. the archive fun continues...

my response to a mean anonymous comment- (contains explicit language) It is a fave of many. of course my life has changed a lot in 2 years. but fun to see how it really has changed.

The famous -Whats in your PURSE post from 2 years ago. The last time I cleaned it out. and the first time I ever played what's in your purse.

Someone mentioned this as a fave. "The Proper Response"

occasionally I wax philosophical - Dead-heading my Roses.

often it's not what I wrote that I love the best, it's the comments from my readers that I love. the support, the encouragement, the friendships I've made.

any other faves?

maybe I'll post my best blog recipes, (I think there are only 2.)

or my best craft projects from the archives.

we'll see.


Otherwise it's back to reality !

the kids go back after a successful spring break, I still have pictures to post from our park-day.

I get to go back to school myself today. Apparently I earned a 95% on my biology test before the break. WHOOHOO! My teacher just emailed with my average score in the class and test score.

so far I have a low A and can bring it up if I do a make-up paper this week. so that's totally gonna happen. since I want to solidify my A.

seriously I need a vacation after the kids vacation. it was a busy break.

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Carie said...

Support, encouragement and friendship is what you love from your comments?
Oh Crap!
Guess I'm in a category all by myself then.

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