Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why yes, that is a flower on my hand...

How you doin'?

I survived my test yesterday, (fingers crossed I did well) some of it was easy peasy, and other parts were tricky, it was like 10 freaking pages front and back.

the spring celebration on campus, playing music outside the classroom kinda sucked for test taking

but when I was all done, I went outside and had cotton candy , had pizza for lunch, got this on my hand. it's Henna.

I had no idea the process for that but it goes on in a paste, has to dry, and then it soaks in , the longer it's on the darker it gets. but it got dry and crusty.

I scraped it off this evening, and this is the finished look.

she said to put olive oil on it so it will stay longer/moisturize my skin, but I couldn't find my olive oil

(must be all gone) so I ended up using the spray on olive oil. which worked too.

the kids were all confused , wondering how this is different than writing on yourself, which they get in trouble for regularly.

I'm sure it will go over well on the 2nd grade field trip i'm going on today too.

maybe no one will notice?

and tonight? Pine Wood Derby.


hope you have a Happy Thursday.

I confess, i have a new appreciation for spring break, since now I get a break from school myself this year.

in years past I always felt like it was a scary glimpse into my reality, horrifying enough to get me prepped for another summer at my house. not that i don't love the sleeping in and fun with the kids, but entertaining the troops is no easy small task and the house gets trashed so fast. but this year I welcome the break. maybe I'll get the house in order with my new free time.

super bonus I found my camera battery charger! WHOOHOO! just in time for Joy's field trip tomorrow.

My Questions for YOU!

Henna Tattoos? any thoughts or feelings?

what are your spring break plans?

What do you think of cotton candy? delightful or disgusting?

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Piper said...

gotta love that Henna! No committment! I think it's so pretty!
I hate the mess cotton candy makes. If someone would feed it to me, I wouldn't mind!

Kimm said...

Since I can't find a tattoo that I would love on my body forever, then I think henna is the way to go. I want a "vine" one either on my ankle traveling up or around my elbow/forearm.

We eventually will make it to Disneyland over Spring Break with our free tickets.

I could take or leave cotton candy.

Scrappy Girl said...

I have never had a henna looks cool though!

We lost our spring break because of all the snow days we had to take.

I love cotton candy. It is my fave scent. Britney's Fantasy perfume makes me think of cotton candy and I love love love Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush scent "Candy,Baby."

Jenn said...

Love cotton candy and love your henna tat. In some culture the women get a henna tat on her wedding day that covers her entire hand and has her husbands initials or name hidden in the art and he has to find it that night for good luck in the marriage. If he can't find it that means bad luck-- or something like that. Very cool.

jayna said...

i saw a lot of people get henna tattoos in india... never did do it because it seemed to take a lot of time to dry and it just wouldn't have worked out, but they are amazing. ;) spring break? where do i get one of those?? cotton candy... ew. not for me. but pizza sounds amazing right now. i haven't been able to read your last 10 posts as i've been incredibly, stupidly busy. will try and do some of that now.


Daisygirl said...

Looks awesome!!! I have never had a Henna tat but I do have a few of the real thing!

No huge spring break plans we were going to go to seaworld before the whole killer whale killing a person thing...not sure I want to go there ever again now.
Cotton candy is so sticky...I hate the mess it leaves on your fingers.

Jodi H said...

I have a bunch of Henna! You should host a henna party and I will come paint everyone!

In fact, I will paint myself and a few others most likely tonight because we will be at the ren fest tommorrow as belly dancers (Hahah NO I'm not showing my belly! No one wants a horror show! lol) Oohhhhh but I digress...

I love cotton candy, and once operated a machine at a friends birthday party---it was quite the sticky fiasco let me tell you! I had it EVERYWHERE!!

And I currently have no spring break plans, because I don't have any money to travel :D

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I have mixed feeling about summer vacation too. Love to sleep in hate the mess the kids make and all the fighting!

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