Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have to remind myself...

I was told by the sonic girl I was "adorably matchy today."

I didn't know what she was referring to but she cleared it up- sunglasses, phone, fingernails. all pink.

um, yeah, that's a daily deal. but hey, it's pretty fab she noticed.


This morning...I sent two little girls out the door without bows.

yes, I did.

They had covered rubber bands, no real need for bows. right?

Honestly? I was being lazy. I just didn't care to hunt down matching bows for today's ensembles.

not 2 minutes out the door, Dad sent them back in for bows. apparently they were visibly disturbed about their lack of hair bows. (think puppy shaking waiting for it's first car ride)

He blames me because I have them so conditioned to think they HAVE TO HAVE A BOW in their FABULOUS hair styles or they just aren't cute. well normally I like that, but sometimes, I can let it go. but on those days that I can, they can't.


as I was leaving my Biology lab this afternoon after hacking, throughout the day, I realized, I miss my free time. the days when I had nowhere to be and nothing to do, other than lunch dates and procrastinating laundry.

Those were the days.

Long gone are the days when I spent all day at the mall with my babies(the 1st- 4th), trekked the zoo thrice weekly, or trolled the children's museum with friends. gosh I haven't done those things since I had 4 kids and the oldest started school, seriously cramping my style. oh the freedom we had back then?!


sure it was crazy, but a whole different kind of crazy than I live now.

Now my crazy is where my days are scheduled to the minute, up at a certain time, rush people out the door, rush here and rush there until it's time to pick everyone up. homework, scouts, dinner. bed. day in and day out. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. where is the carefree unscheduled free time? gosh, i miss that.


I rarely get to hear my fabulous cellphone ring tone. I always feel like no one calls, but really, it's just not ringing out loud. it's always on vibrate because I'm in class. and for some reason I only get calls when I'm in class.

again I realized this is because I lack free time.

I've been getting texts left and right though.


I have a certain friend, she doesn't answer her phone, and I'm never home to email. and none of us have time or money for lunch anymore. it's pretty lame. I guess I'm missing my free time and my friends.

I'd send her a text but she doesn't have a cell phone, so you see the problem.


I realized the other day, that this was going to FINALLY be my year to get my house and laundry under control. unfortunately, I started college. thwarted again.

sure I'm bettering myself and getting my stuff in order. but really? yeah.

ARGH! I'm frustrated.

maybe I shouldn't post at all on Wednesday. or when I'm sick.

I'm still hacking. it's lovely.

this is one of those days I have to remind myself.... to "JUST KEEP SWIMMING"!

today just got a whole lot better though, it was wacky wednesday at Sonic.I have a tall frosty beverage in a cup with a straw, and while the family had Sonic kids meals , I had Hungry Howies $5 pizza.

bliss. a beverage and pizza.

Wednesday turned out pretty great.

how are you? lay it on me? we haven't chatted in awhile and I'm missing the interaction.

spill it lady! (or gentleman.)

I wanna know what's up with you?!

what did you have for dinner/serve/pick up?


ringtone? what is yours? do you have your phone on vibrate or ringing out loud more often?

what makes a bad day a whole lot brighter? share with the class.

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Jenn Toon said...

I miss you too! I had such blast shopping for my purse and hanging out with you!!
I've been busy with teaching and baseball, dance, gymnastics and life.
We had Burger King tonight - just didn't feel like cooking after a long day of teaching. But I didn't want what everyone else did - so I had tacos from Christina's.
I LOVE to text - text me ANYTIME! Just because. :)
Ringtone? I know I have them but it's rarely on too. I'm all about vibrate and/or silent.
I LOVE MY DR PEPPER! I'll be fat and I don't care - it makes me happy!!

Jen said...

Sorry about "that friend" ;)!! At least I called you back today! Right?! Did you get to hear your ringtone when I called?!

Mamarazzi said...

i love that the girls came back in for bows..freakin hilarious.

my ring tone is I gotta feelin' makes me smile everytime.

my phone is never on vibrate these days. i don't get out much. sad.

i DID drive for the first time since November the other day tho. that was exciting.

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