Monday, March 8, 2010

If glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.... then I need some Valtrex!



since I've made some past student of the week posters over the top, complete with digiscrapped blinged up fabulousness,

everyone expects the same.

that's shocking i'm sure.

it's THEN though as i compile pictures for the aforementioned poster,

that my lack of organizational skills becomes all too apparent.

It's always when I have to do another poster for one of the kids.

suddenly in this digital age I'm supposed to have printed pictures aplenty for use on this over the top poster? come now? i take pictures but rarely (read never) get any printed.

sure i could print them as needed , if i had a handy full color ink cartridge on hand. which i don't.

then when i can't seem to find the school pictures from this year because i put them away somewhere "SAFE" and i can't seem to recall tonight where that safe spot happens to be.

it's then that i am astounded by my lack.

Of course , none of that matters. i have to do it tonight!

just after my computer crashed last week ( my computer with all the pictures .)

realizing it is totally RAD!

(i can get my pictures on the home network, just not easily or handily, nor is the one hour printing place open) BAH!


somehow i managed to get it together. Joy will have something to take tomorrow, and if i get a couple more pictures printed tomorrow at one hour photo awesome. if not, it's not the end of the world.

i have a pseudo-friend, that refers to glitter as the herpes of craft supplies.

i fully disagree, which you'd know if you saw my glittertastic glitter cups.

if we are going by that then i could probably use some valtrex, because i'm all about the glitter. but i can't help but recall that statement every time i bust out my glitter.

and of course the fact that i have a major biology test this week, a paper due and I'm oh, a month behind in algebra doesn't matter. nope.

i'm the mom. and glittering and poster making come first.

So please tell me I'm not the only one that loses things in 'a safe place'!

do you print your pictures from your digital camera or just hoard thousands of images on your computer?

student of the week posters should be completed by who? the student or the parent?

how do you feel about glitter?

update (like you care?) um i went and exchanged my swimsuit for an entirely different one that is fabulous. you know as fabulous as i get anyway.

I realized i'm one of those weird people that makes friends with people while shopping.

the girl two dressing rooms over and I became swimsuit shopping buddies Saturday afternoon. because sometimes you just need a second opinion.

we both went away with cuteness. which is saying alot when you are shopping at the *PHAT lady store.

*P.H.A.T -pretty hot and tempting. ;)

sometime this week i'm going to delve into my opinion on diets. dieting, and body image issues. can't say when since i'm obligated to catch up on homework AND be the mom. but sometime this week it will happen. stay tuned.

oh and by the way. only 200 ish visits until i reach 130,000. keep an eye out, and be sure to comment. you could win a prize for being visit # 130,000.

but you hafta comment to win.

happy monday !

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Daisygirl said...

Okay I agree mom stuff and glitter comes first!
The poster turned out fabulous....I think the Mom should definitely help out....if not do the whole thing!

I print out my photos...upload them onto shutterfly and they magically appear at my door a few days later!

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