Saturday, March 6, 2010

what i'd tell you in person if you were here

I have the HUGEST bunko hangover from last night.

no we don't drink.

but the combo of sugar and laughter and late night always results in what we call..

'bunko hangover' .

i'm not ashamed to admit, i'm kind of dyin' today.


i got my package of delight (articles of clothing I'd ordered online) yesterday. and at 4:30 am finally tried on my new swim suit. you can imagine how much i LOVE those. but this was remarkably cute.

except the cup size was WAY OFF.

the reviews for it warned of that but really it was amazing how off it was. bah!

now I have to figure out how to exchange for the right one. or bag it all together.

otherwise. my stuff was awesome. In my opinion.


today was wasted sleeping in.

tonight I hope to go on a hot date. I anticipate a movie since a couple new ones just came out. yay.

other than that i should clean and or do homework. or this next week is gonna be CRAZY.

what do you have going on?

do you feel like sleeping in is a waste of daylight?

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CassiB said...

sleeping in is no waste of daylight! i only get to do it once in awhile and i relish it! to bad about the swimsuit. where did you order from? i need to get a new swim suit this year.

Jamie said...

I love to sleep in or take a nap if ever the opportunity arises! Sometimes feel like I wasted precious daylight, but most of the time I feel so much better after catching up. I need a swimsuit too, but do not have a swim suit body. I saw that spanx has swimsuits now, but they are expensive!!!

Mamarazzi said...

i love sleeping in. i am so glad to have a teenager now who enjoys it as well. makes me feel less guilty knowing she is sleeping too!

tammy said...

I had a bunko hangover today too, and I got to bed at 12:30. But then again I couldn't sleep in past 6:00 for some reason. I am so not a night person. But last night was tons of fun!

My Family said...

ummm just for myself (not for anyone else) again for myself, I feel like sleeping in is a waste of daylight, but that's because I too, like Tammy, am not a night person, I like to get up early and get in a run and get showered all before 8:00am (in the summer it's 6:30am) and then get started on whatever is on the list of crap to do for that day.
As for the going ons, we had a date night too!! Just dinner though, we are stilling training Emily with the babysitting so we try to stay close and no more than a couple of far it's been FANTASTIC!!!

onehm said...

I used to think sleeping in was a waste of daylight until I got pregnant...and now I welcome it! :)

(I totally understand about the bunko hangover...)

Amy said...

Sleeping it rocks. 'nuff said.

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