Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a letter to the genius who....

thought foam and elastic was going to do the job.

Dear swimsuit manufacturers-

Who cares about tummy control on a bathing suit, if your "girls" are droopy for lack of proper support?

You'd think you'd know by now that a built in 'shelf bra' with Sewn-in soft foam cups and all-around elastic band to enhance and support, JUST AREN'T CUTTING IT!

I'll take mine with built-in UNDER WIRE please or I might as well be in the pages of national geographic. (thinK aboriginal tribes woman)

If by chance, someone is too small to fill out their 'soft foam cups' are you aware that they will invert and make it even more obvious someone can't "fill out" their bathing suit.

I'm just sayin'... because not everyone has rock hard porn star boobs.

If you can keep this in mind for next year I'd appreciate it.

signed , Crazymamaof6

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P.S. I found a ROCKIN' suit with built in underwire plunge bra built in.

I just was looking at more bathing suits online and had to vent after trying on one with "the foam/elastic combo". it was laughable.

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CassiB said...

amen! i hate the shelf bra thing. the summer before last i made my own swim top, and just bought a little skirty bottom to go with. might have to do the same this year or just alter the one i made. i don't know how to do underwire but i might look into it.
i haven't found any with underwire for me. that would be nice. and it's hard to find store bought ones that fit me right anyway, long torso, bigger on the top, NO butt (got that from my mom, lovely) and slim shoulders. either the straps are falling off, it goes up my but, boobs are hangin out or rather billowing out the top, or it's so baggy in the bum. oy, i hate swimsuit season.

Cara said...

not looking forward to swim season this year. I do love Shade swimsuits and back east basics too. They seem to have better coverage all around and my boobs (which I don't have much) look great in their suits. I also love them because I have a long torso and their swim tops are LOOONNGGG!!! Love em!

Rebecca Irvine said...

The exact reason I get my bathing suits through Lands End. They also have available suits with built-in bras for women who have larger cup sizes.

On a similar note, what's the deal with sports bras generally not being made for women with breasts larger than a C cup? Does this mean if you have larger breasts you are excused from exercising? No wonder so many women get breast enhancements.

andrea said...

I'm one of those "can't fill out the swimsuit" gals. It's all so fabulous to hardly look like a girl. Seriously, I got gypped and then my 3 nursing stints did the girls in. So I basically look for suits that make me look like I have more than the typical 12 year old girl....and some of those 12 year olds are more endowed than me!

Oh, I'm 129,937....dang. Missed it.

Leslie said...

You make me laugh!! I havn't bought a new swim suit for over 3 years because I hate hate hate trying them on!! They just don't make suits for mommmy boobs whether large or in my case small!! Unfortunetly, I will have to buy one this year because my others are totally worn out but so not looking forward to it.

Piper said...

stupid swimming suits! If I could wear a turtle neck and leggings to the pool I would.

Kimm said...

Did I win?! It was 130,000 when I checked!

Even though my "girls" aren't quite so big, I would still like a lot of support because after 4 kids they are not where they should be. I was one of those 'soft foam cup inverters' in high school!

Mamarazzi said...

underwire...a must have!

Alisa said...

Oooh, do share! Where'd you find this rockin' suit? I could certainly use one for my two (hee, hee).

Jenn Toon said...

AMEN!! You know which category I fit in and I'm convinced MEN with their minds on the last porn flick they watched as they design the suits for the AVERAGE woman! GRRRR!!!!

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