Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Swimming in March plus the delight of the drive-in !

We are having a delightful spring break thus far.

yesterday was a quiet lazy day. last night the girls slept over at the other grandma's while the hubs and I had movie night with the boys.

boys are considerably grosser to hang out with. Peyton kept letting SBD's and Pierce has mastered the fine art of BURPING! gross. they were gassing me outta the car. i almost missed out on watching the movie we rented. (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is delightful!)

today we (the boys and I) went swimming with cousins at grandma's heated pool. (in my new swim suit, rockin' the cleavage from the FABULOUS built in bra) remember we discussed this last week on this post.

I'm sure the old men at the pool appreciated the eyeful and my sisters kids were oddly fascinated by my ginormous boobs/cleavage.

tonight we are hitting the drive in to see Alice in Wonderland (again with cousins) who doesn't love the drive in? we do!

tomorrow we have big plans again with cousins. and friends.

I may be MIA this week. don't count on me posting lots and if i get a post in here and there think of it as a bonus! whoohoo!

hope you are having fun too.

I've been taking pictures of everything BUT myself, so we'll have a fun little overload when i finally download them.

i know you can't wait.


if you are up to it, the show starts at 7:30 Scottsdale 6 drive-in. it's half price family night the # there is 480-949-9451 for info and directions.

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Carie said...

Yeah don't post, it's not like we care or anything. So can you give us a ball park when you think the next time will be? Hopefully never!
I mean really what else do ya got to do? We'll be sitting and waiting and refreshing your page continually, ya know just to jump up your blog whore numbers, your welcome, and goodbye!

tammy said...

I am tempted to heat the pool, it's so nice out. We loved Cloudy. Probably hitting Alice tomorrow. Maybe. We saw Percy Jackson yesterday. The boys loved it and thankfully we beat the crowds. I love spring break but I would love it even more if the whole valley didn't have it at the same time.

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