Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The small print on the side of the bag...

Apparently Pierce didn't catch the fine print on the bag of chocolate mini eggs...

The (imaginary small print) on the side of the bag that says... NOT suitable FOR STORAGE IN POCKETS.

after all the prep, of getting everyone ready to go, doing hair, finding green to wear,

lining up for pictures in 1,2,3 places in the yard, (notice Pierce in the top 3 pics)

The herd was finally ready to go for St. Patrick's day- Spring break style.


as the herd got in the Van, i snagged individual shots of each kid.

Peyton, Liberty, Paxton, Joy, Hope,


and when I got to Pierce? he pulled his hand out of his pocket, covered in chocolate, and a mouthful of chocolate mini egg.

I had a choice I could lose it with my 3 year old or I could laugh.

I just had to laugh.

Suddenly all the stress of the morning was gone.

I took his chocolaty picture and he climbed in the van into his seat.

I handed back the wipes and told the big kids to take care of it.

we were finally on our 'Leap and Scream'.
(not the real name of a nearby a bounce house play place)

after the morning of prep i had getting everyone ready it's an appropriate name.

we were meeting my sister and sister in law for some cousin fun.

can you imagine my delight when the Van failed to start?!

seriously? does it get any better?

OH YEAH! for real, my van was dead as a doornail.

it was solved easily enough by the hubs. but ACK! you've got to be kidding me.

(there was more than muttering of swear words. it seems i forgot to laugh)

when we finally arrived at leap and scream...

there were all of 2 employees there, and loads of kids and parents making the most of the St.Patrick's day deal. ($5 bucks per kid if they were wearing green)I was less than impressed with the back and front doors unguarded.

then the lack of man power combined with minimal adult supervision,

plus the sheer numbers of kids,

made for a perfect example of MARSHALL LAW!

I'm all about supervising my kids,

and knowing exactly where they are and what they are doing.

it's the other people that had no clue their toddler was taking on 9 year olds, beating up on babies, and smacking down 6 year olds and anyone else that crossed their path. WOW.

I was ready to send the big kids in to bodily drag that punk kid out and parade him around to the adults so I could ream the parent/grandparent not watching their kid.

UGH! after 2 hours of that good time I'd reached it, kids kept coming up saying they were hungry and bored.

so we all headed across the street to Yodipity (NO! YOU DIPITY!)

frankly I was the dipity one, thinking I could handle 6 kids wanting to self serve fro Yo and toppings, INSANITY,

AFTER I'd already reached my patience limit for the day.

seriously not all that cheap when some kids have big eyes and a heavy hand with the toppings while I'm over trying to serve someone else. OY! it's definitely a two parent treat place.

so, even with a coupon there, it was a pretty penny.

but the kids had fun sitting with cousins, coloring, everyone ate what they took except Joy who always serves too much of everything, and loads on toppings on anything.
if a little is good alot is better, in her mind.

let me just say, Gummi worms are grody when they've been frozen on top of chocolate yogurt.

even grodier was tart apple yogurt (which i loved plain) but disliked when topped with rainbow nerds.

gag. nerds. UGH!


but our day didn't end there! OH NO!

we went swimming too!


here are pics from swimming on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday we swam with just my boys and my sister and her kids, then after all the fun we'd already had on Wednesday, it was the first 5 kids, Pierce was wiped out after 'leap and scream' and yodipity.

so we gladly went without him.

I needed a reward, so we hit happy hour for some liquid sanity and braved the flocks of snowbirds at my mom's community pool (it's heated).

I'd caught some color Tuesday and wanted to soak up some more sunshine ;)

we came home and i was CRANKY!

sheesh long day.

at that point I ran away from home, to my happy place(TJMAXX) and browsed until i could come home and be pleasant again.

I didn't even buy anything. I just enjoyed being alone.

so there you go my WHOLE FREAKING St.Patty's day in pictures for you.

of course I'm not in the pictures, let's be real.

i made it all day without anyone even considering pinching me until...

I changed to my standard black shirt and jeans uniform after swimming and showering. The guy at the store actually asked me if i was wearing green, (i had a green ring on)
but i asked him ,"why? did you wanna pinch me?" he actually said he was thinking about it!


Your thoughts on spring break? St. Patrick's day?

My pictures?

What are your fave ice cream/Frozen Yogurt toppings?

on top of what flavor frozen treat?

What do you do when kids you don't know beat up on your kids (or in this case my brothers kids?)

What do you do to relax after you've reached your limit?

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My Family said...

We just went through this ordeal at the park, some 12 yr old boy and his friends picking fights with other kids and then finally with Preston, who seemed to enjoy it, he loves a good wrestling match. I however was not happy and yelled at the boy, after he hit Preston with a stick, and I called him a little terd, not my finest moment :). The best part was his Mom sitting there reading her book, not giving a damn that her terd was being a terd!!

I usually just grab a bowl of cereal and head to my room for some get away time, Cody hangs with the kids for a while and then comes and hangs with me so we can talk.

Sounds like you guys are having a fun spring break!!! and I am jealous you have access to a heated pool, I would be there everyday just to wear my kids out :)

The Lamps Family said...

Spring break hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be, the kids aren't being as crazy as I thought so far I am likin spring break it gives us a little more family time.
I wasn't feelin St. Patty's day yesterday, usually I am all for it but not this yr, we went shopping and the only ones were green were my girls.
Liked your pictures, they are fantastic!!
I am not a huge topping person.
When kids I don't know beat up on my kids I find their parents and talk to them, most of the time the parent is really sorry but I have had a few times when they haven't been so nice about it. If the parent doesn't care then I let my kids treat that kid the same way he was treating them, then the parent cares!
I like to take a hot bath, or get my house super clean when everyone is asleep then stay up late to enjoy the peace and quiet and how clean my house is, cause let's face it it doesn't last once the munchkins are up!

Carie said...

I knew you were just bluffing. Good try though.

Daisygirl said...

Great pics!!!! The pictures make your day look awesome! I love Paxton's hair!!!

We wore some green just in case we ran across one of those pincher people! We didn't get pinched.

Fav ice cream topping...butterfinger crumbles!

well we went to the Zoo this weekend and there were some older boys that scared my 2 year old out of the slide...I yelled at them...they ran!

oh to relax! A bubble bath or hot shower and a fast drive in my car!

Andrea said...

You are the funnest mom evah! They all look so cute in that much green! What an awesomely fun day!

I spent that day in bed hopped up on pain pills because of my back spasm and my kids were in & out of the house playing with friends. Nothing too exciting.

The park was a good day. The kids played so well together and the weather was perfect!!! How's your base tan coming? :) I have one farmer-tanned arm. haha

Cara said...

such a fun week! Lets not tell my children of all the fun you had - I'll look as lame as ever!!!

Taralyn said...

You must be one HOTT!!! Crazy Mamma, if a stranger wanted to Pinch ya :) - I hope that at least made your day a litter better!!! You are an amazing Mom - I couldn't handle the bullys - Being a Foster Parent I have NO PROBLEM putting little Terds in their place....

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