Saturday, March 20, 2010

it's my life on a blog. 3 years later.

for the last 3 years I've blogged almost daily here. sometimes more and rarely less.

I've never considered myself a writer. honestly I still don't.

I've never been a journal-er either. but here I am.

It's just another way of communicating I can't get enough of. The comments are YOUR part of the conversation.

I've always said this was my free therapy.

before blogging I found my happy place shopping, always after the thrill of a bargain.

for awhile I found my thrills from comments and friends.
I had a few. still do.

the archives are loaded with ups and downs, daily happenings both funny and sad. blogging tips, or shopping tales. pictures and memories, it's all here.

It's my life on a blog.

thanks for Joining me!


here - are some posts you may or may not enjoy from the archives.

this is my first post.

it took six kids...lessons that haven't changed much since 2007.

a top ten list of why i love blogging/500th post celebration here.

10 ten things that gross me out. here

the leader of the pack here, my little devil here ,

Joy is FAAAANNNNCCY here .

She does smell good here (perfume/cologne post)

ok so there is a bunch there. and more.

what is your fave post ? can you recall?

to commemorate I put up my original topper. custom made for me by Tangie.

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Libby said...

I'm first on here? Wow! Hands down the best and funniest post was about the neighbor girl who commented on your house while eating dinner. You know, the one where you were being of service by watching her and feeding her!!! Too funny.

Daisygirl said...

happy blogaversary!!!!
Love your new topper!!!

Alisa F. said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved reading your "history". I especially liked your "It took 6 kids" bit. Thanks for making me smile!

Scrappy Girl said...

Hello from Vegas! Ain't bloggin' flippin' fantastic?! It definitely is some form of therapy...I love it. I enjoy seeing the cute clothes you put on your kiddos. I have 3 tutus and 2 pair of twinkletoes skechers in my littles' closet because of you!

Wendy Phelps said...

You know my favorite posts. The ones where you clean out your purse. Hilarious! It's not a purse you carry around. Lance is right, it's luggage.

andrea said...

Congrats on 3 years, here's to another 30!!! ;)

Amy said...

Well, I felt pretty cool that I had read all but 2 of your walk down bloggy lane. One of my all-time favorite posts is the one where you give instructions on how to deal with a friend in a medical crisis. LOVED IT!!

tammy said...

Happy 3 years! That is an accomplishment. I read somewhere that most bloggers stop around 18-24 months. I'm impressed that you can remember your older posts. I can't remember what I posted last week, let alone a year or two ago.

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